Bearing Up

See this oil painting of a bear come alive in 2 minutes (time lapse)

The PODS container was dropped off today. I spent hours packing the first round of our household, mostly by myself. I felt victorious, like this bear. I’m STRONG! And now, I’m already sore, LOL! Got a lot done and tomorrow I will have help, which is good because I’ve probably done myself in. Moving heavy things feels amazing during fleeting moments of high adrenaline, but what goes up must come down eventually. I’m crashing- going to bed. Good night, dear friends!

Quiet Lion

Watch me paint this lion oil painting in 2 minutes (time lapse)

I changed the music for this video today. Whatever you’re experiencing, you probably feel pressure from these times we’ve living in. Stay strong. Seek truth and stand your ground. God bless you.

Note: I plan to get back into my painting schedule tomorrow. My foot is less swollen today (after my fire ant attack) and I think I can manage to go without icing it tomorrow afternoon, making sitting at my easel possible. So, hopefully something new for you soon.