Happy Wednesday!

See this hedgehog oil painting come alive in just over 1 minute (time lapse)

I had a productive day today. I finally finished my leftover Christmas-themed painting project! I thought I could share it with you tonight, but the video needs a bit more work and I’m tired. I’ll leave it for tomorrow. It may be difficult to care about this one, as it’s like a Christmas tree that’s been out way too long (that’s a hint, by the way).

I decided to try my new extra tall tripod that I bought for the new vlog show. I thought it would reach high enough above my canvas so that I don’t have to sit on the side and twist around to paint (like I’ve been doing), but can now paint naturally while seated centered in front of the canvas. Well, at first my head kept blocking the lower part of the canvas, but finally if I pushed the tripod very close, I could indeed sit directly in front of the canvas to paint.

The catch? I have to climb under the tripod, as the tripod straddles the painting stool. So it’s like I’m painting inside a cage, LOL! One day I’ll show you how crazy it is for me to climb inside the tripod “cage” to paint. But, it works! One day I’ll have a camera tracking system that will let me pull a camera down from the ceiling, but until then, I have to be creative. My daughter saw this setup and said, “Have you been sitting inside the tripod?” She laughed but wasn’t surprised.