Sour Grapes

Watch this oil painting “Fruitful Vine” come to life in 2 minutes (time lapse)

I planted two new grape vines today, then foolishly put weed-prevention mulch on them. Toxic to use on food producing plants! So I scraped it all off and hoping that trace amounts won’t be harmful because I’m not going to throw away my new grapes (and the planting process for these grapes was more labor intensive than I thought they’d be which makes this even more infuriating!). So, it’s sour grapes from me. I had to scrape the peach tree soil and the blueberry bush soil too. Wish I’d read the bag BEFORE mulching! At least I scraped it off nearly immediately after mulching and topped it off with fresh soil. Hopefully I’ve done enough to prevent making my plants dangerous. I’m so upset and angry about this. Happy Monday!