Happy Father’s Day!

Watch me paint these penguins in 2 minutes (time lapse)

This recent painting (first shared on May 6), is a perfect choice for all of you dads out there. The expression on the baby penguin’s face is priceless. Even if this is parent penguin is actually a female (I have no idea!), we’ll assume he’s a father. Have a wonderful day, all of you dads, granddads, and the families who love their favorite men.

New Painting – Something Cute

Watch me paint “Penguins” in 2 minutes (time lapse)

I hope this brightens your day! Here in the United States, we are past the dreary days of winter. I’d lived in snowy areas most of my life, but now I’m in the Deep South, where it seldom snows (it snowed the first season we moved down here, leading me to think that I brought it with me!). But even though I don’t have to shovel snow anymore or worry about freezing temperatures as low as -25 Fahrenheit, like when I lived in Minnesota (-31.6 Celsius), I still appreciate when the flowers bloom again, leaves return to the trees, and the sun warms up the land.

Oil Painting “Penguins” by artist Natalie Buske Thomas

This lovable baby penguin still cheers me, even though I’m embracing spring as I share this new painting. Joy is never out of season. May you feel as free and loved as this little penguin, no matter whether you stand in snow or atop warm dry land.