See oil painting “Miracle of Life” come alive in 2 minutes (time lapse)

You might recall a long blog post that I wrote back in April called “Fully Human“. It’s quite depressing how accurate my thoughts were, and how the situation has escalated since. Depending on which country you live in, the progression toward GMHs (genetically modified humans) may be spiraling out of control, with no freedom of choice. Our DNA is precious. We have the human right to refuse theft, cloning, and bastardization of our genetic material. We have the right to stay free of adverse reactions and to stay alive how we deem fit.

Those who say this is a “freedom” issue are certainly free to assign whatever motive, ideology, political affiliation, or emotion to this global oppression that they wish, but the truth is that international courts have already determined the objective standard for biological sovereignty. One cannot coerce, deceive, mandate, or force experiments onto another human being. This is not a “feeling” or an idea, but international law.

Refusing experimental injections is not a selfish notion (regardless of what some may think) or a nationalistic cry of freedom (regardless of what some may think). This basic human right is granted to ALL humans, regardless of which government we live under, whether communist or capitalist, whether free or slave, whether citizen or not, whether old or young, whether in sickness or in health, whether of sound mind or disabled, whether poor or rich. Nothing exempts or disqualifies us from this basic human right to refuse experimentation.

Now, if people want to revoke this basic human right whenever a pharmaceutical company wants to make billions of dollars in partnership with global governments and persons of power and authority in every sector of society, then that’s a different argument. It would mean nullifying our current human rights, and no one has done this. As it stands today, we are still protected by international law. No matter how strong the bullying, the ridicule, or the pressure, the simple fact is that we have the right to refuse to have our DNA tampered with.