Go Tell it on the Mountain

Singing with my daughters during the Christmas Show 2021

Christmas is now so very near! I hope you are all feeling happy about a special time with your loved ones. God bless you, this day and always!

New Painting

“The Christmas Dance”, a special moment dancing with my husband during last year’s Christmas show. Little did I know how much our lives were about to change. It’s hard to recognize these moments when they happen, but sometimes the awareness is there at the time- something stirring in the heart saying, “Remember this always.”

God bless you and keep you, now and forever. As it is the week before Christmas, please keep a candle lit inside your soul. Let it shine before others.


“Nativity Scene”

Watch Natalie paint this art in 2 minutes (time lapse)

“Nativity Scene” is part of the 2022 collection “Seasons” (of life and nature) and debuted as a featured painting in Christmas Show 2021. Paintings in this collection celebrate seasons of life (metaphorical, representational, or inspired-by-real-life scenes about milestones, rites of passage, traditions, holidays, and shared human experiences of love, aging, family, and beyond) as well as seasons of nature (literal scenes depicting autumn, summer, fall, and winter). This painting will be published in the book “25 Oil Paintings Inspired by Seasons”.

“Nativity Scene” oil painting by artist Natalie Buske Thomas

Enjoy Natalie’s art on fun, creative, and classy gifts for you and your family!

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Christmas Cheer!

I added the Christmas show to several platforms, besides directly from this site. YouTube (embedded above), and also BitChute and Rumble. I hope this makes my special painting, singing, and dancing variety show easier to share with your friends and family. Thank you for your help with sharing, and I hope you enjoy the show!

Launching Tomorrow!

Watch oil painting of Mary and Baby Jesus “Christmas Star” come alive in 2 minutes (time lapse)

This was last year’s painting from Christmas Show 2020. Tomorrow I plan to launch Christmas Show 2021. This year, there are TWO featured paintings as well as a variety show format of other entertainment- singing, dancing, merriment and holiday sentiment. Please tune in tomorrow and share our special show. It is a longer show and I hope that you will enjoy it.

Aww, Christmas Love Story

Watch oil painting “Rose of Joy” come alive in 2 minutes (time lapse)

Aww, sweet story… my daughter does freelance and commission work. She usually works with data or websites- she has a Math degree, but sometimes she does art related work or something unusual. Today it was something unusual. She was assigned the task of typing a love letter on behalf of a client for her husband. She (likely an elderly person as most on that client list are) wanted her husband to have a professionally transcribed letter from her cursive handwriting. This is for Christmas. Aww, it just warms my heart. I love this story, don’t you? Thought you’d like hearing this simple little thing that inspires us to feel good about humanity.

That’s all for today. The progress on the show is going very well, right on track! Good night, dear friends. Sleep well. God bless and keep you, may His face shine upon you, and give you peace.

Peace be with You

See oil painting “Dove in a Forest” come alive in less than 2 minutes (time lapse)

This is one of my earlier paintings. It remains a favorite for some of you. I’ve worked hard today and I’m tired- are you? This art expresses how I feel at the moment: subdued, yet expectant (hopeful), quietly confident (letting nature and time take its course, faithful), and peaceful.

My work on the show is wrapping up. It will be delivered on schedule. My goal is to launch it several days before Christmas to give you time to share it with your family and friends. Until the show is finished, I’ll be putting in long days. It will all be worth it and I hope you enjoy the show!

Special Day

A special day of celebration for a special birthday girl. This oil painting of my daughter reading in the butterfly garden was the first oil painting I ever did. I created it to enter a juried call to artists and it was accepted! The painting went on a 14 month traveling exhibit tour. I only visited one of those stops, but the painting was well traveled. It was returned to us at the end and is saved for my daughter. I don’t have a video of this one because I wasn’t filming my sessions yet. I started painting because my husband had given me a gorgeous floor easel for Christmas. I had no idea what that would lead to!

Today we made our girl very happy, with a full day planned her way, and by showering her with decorations, surprises, and presents. Everything went the way that we hoped it would and we will hold warm memories of this day in our hearts.

I hope all of you have had a good weekend. It is now only two weeks until Christmas! Be expectant and joyful. Peace be with you.

Beach Weather!

Watch oil painting “My Kids at the Beach” come alive in 2 minutes (time lapse)

It was a high of 82 degrees today, here in Coastal Georgia! Goodness, we could have gone to the beach. And just a couple of weeks ago we had frost that killed off several of my garden plants! So, that’s about a 50 degree difference in temperatures. Funny to reconcile this weather with the Christmas decorations in the neighborhood.

Short post, I’m tired from pushing myself hard to get a lot done today and now it’s dinner time. Don’t forget about my Christmas show coming up. I’ll need your help to share it. Thank you!

Christmas Show – Sneak Peek Preview!

Catch the first glimpse of my Christmas Show 2021!

Had a bit of fun putting this intro together, approx. 1 minute.

Painting, singing, dancing and joy!

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Let’s make your Christmas