Not Again!

Watch this oil painting about the dark side of the animal kingdom come to life in 2 minutes (time lapse)

I don’t have a painting that shows the brutal pairing in my area of the animal kingdom. While there are gators just a few yards away in the lagoon, along with snakes, it’s not those creatures that go after me. It’s the ANTS! They have swarmed me three times now. Today’s attack was possibly the worst yet, as they stampeded into my sandal before I even felt the first sting.

I’ll soon find out how nasty this is, in about 24 hours. I hope that I won’t be sick and icing a swollen foot for the next day or two like last time. And all I was trying to do is move my tomato plant into a sunnier location, just minding my own business. I’m guessing I stepped on the ant’s home and they weren’t pleased about my foot wrecking their village.