Missed it?

2021 Easter Show

If you missed last year’s Easter Show, here it is. It’s quite different from the 2022 show in many ways, but yet the general format is the same: painting and singing. This one has a story that runs via captions, and it’s more about family and tradition than this year’s deeply spiritual show. If you’ve not yet seen it, I hope that you do. It’s a much needed respite from the dystopia of our time.

On a personal note: The update from yesterday- we did not get the house. They accepted another offer. So, we’re back to looking. We are now down to three weeks to find a house and get an offer accepted in time to close before we must vacate. The housing crisis is real, folks. The rental market is even worse. Way too many folks needing houses for the few available and they are price gouging. Renters are even in bidding wars, offering to pay more than the asking rental price to get in ahead of someone else. Hopefully we’ll be able to buy a house, as that seems the better route even though we were planning on doing that next year and are having to move Heaven and Earth to make this happen now. Prayers appreciated.

Invasive or Beautiful?

See oil painting “Cherokee Rose” come alive in 2 minutes (time lapse)

This beautiful white rose is the state flower of Georgia. But due to their thorny and hardy nature, they are considered an invasive species when they take off on their own in the wild. If being philosophical, this situation can be a metaphor for occupations, lifestyle choices, and relationships in our lives. Sometimes our circumstances seem very appealing, but are nonetheless destructive, growing ever too fast around us, and are difficult to break free of. January is a good time to reflect on the invasive white roses in our lives and do what we can to change what entangles us. May you break free of anything that is holding you back and look to 2022 with hope.

Hope Set High

See my oil painting of a lighthouse come alive in 1 minute (time lapse)

Like a lighthouse that guides us home, may we have our hopes set high that the best is yet to come. As we look ahead to 2022, it’s easy to feel the wind of the storms from the past years on our backs, and sense the darkness closing in, but look for the light. God bless you and keep you, this day and always, and into the new year ahead.


Watch “The Moon and the Stars” oil painting come alive in 2 minutes (time lapse)

What does it all mean? What does Time mean? Why are we here?

“In brokenness, we find healing. We learn what parts of ourselves we want to put back together, and which pieces we don’t. This process can feel profoundly sad, as we may be temporarily lost.

When we lose the people, places, and purpose that defined us, we have an opportunity to make different choices. This can be a liberating and life-changing experience. We can be more of who we were always meant to be.”

May we see what’s possible in ourselves. We have the power to be who we were born to be, should we choose it. Let us accept the challenge to be happy, regardless of our circumstances.

God bless and keep you, this day and always, and may 2022 be a year of unlimited hope and spiritual prosperity.

Happy New Year, dear friends!

50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Seasons (of Life and Nature)

Oil painting “Generational Tree” by artist Natalie Buske Thomas


“Seasons (of life and nature)” is the current collection, for 2022: New art is added as Natalie finishes each piece. Subscribe to Natalie’s blog to receive notifications of new paintings on the very day she finishes them. Scroll down to see the menu of finished paintings and the progress made on this collection to date.

Paintings in this collection celebrate seasons of life (metaphorical, representational, or inspired-by-real-life scenes about milestones, rites of passage, and shared human experiences of love, aging, family, and beyond) as well as seasons of nature (literal scenes depicting autumn, summer, fall, and winter). Natalie’s art is produced as free videosart gifts for sale, fashion and books. Links to art in the collection are on this page and will be updated as each new painting is finished. “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Seasons” (book four in the “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by” series) is scheduled to be published in November 2022. Previous finished collections in the “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by” series: Nature (2021), Christian Faith (2020), and Savannah, Georgia (2019).

List of Oil Paintings in this Collection, linking to their pages here on the site, and also citing physical pages in the upcoming hardcover book:

  1. Spring and Summer
    1.1  “Frog in Garden” page 6-7
    1.2 “Yellow Rosebud” page 8-11
    1.3 “Yellow Rose” page 12-13
    1.4 “Coffee Outside” page 14-15
    1.5 “Cardinal in July” page 16-17
    1.6 page 18-19
    1.7 page 20-21
    1.8 page 22-23
    1.9 page 24-25
    1.10 page 26-27
  2. Weddings and Babies
    2.1 page 30-31
    2.2 page 32-33
    2.3 page 34-35
    2.4 page 36-37
    2.5 page 38-39
    2.6 page 40-41
    2.7 page 42-43
    2.8 page 44-45
  3. Autumn and Harvest
    3.1 “Autumn Leaves” page 48-49
    3.2 “Pumpkin Carving” page 50-51
    3.3 “Pumpkin Latte” page 52-53
    3.4 “Apple Orchard” page 54-55
    3.5 “Campfire” page 56-57
    3.6 “Thanksgiving” page 58-59
  4. Changes and Milestones
    4.1 page 62-63
    4.2 page 64-65
    4.3 page 66-67
    4.4 page 68-69
    4.5 “Lighthouse” page 70-71
    4.6 “Osprey” page 72-73
    4.7 page 74-77
    4.8 “Generational Tree” page 78-79 
  5. Winter and Bereavement
    5.1 “Walking to Piano Lessons” page 82-83
    5.2 page 84-85
    5.3 page 86-87
    5.4 page 88-89
    5.5 page 90-91
    5.6 page 92-93
    5.7 page 94-95
    5.8 page 96-97
    5.9 page 98-99
  6. Celebrations and Holidays
    6.1 “The Christmas Dance” page 102-103
    6.2 “Nativity Scene” page 104-105
    6.3  “Christmas Tree” page 106-107
    6.4  “Easter Lily” page 108-109
    6.5  “Jesus at Calvary” page 110-111
    6.6 page 112-113
    6.7 page 114-115
    6.8 page 116-117
    6.9 page 118-119

Natalie’s lifetime goal is 1k finished oil paintings. Join her on her journey by following her blog.

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