2023 Painting Collection Revealed

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that we had an unexpected sudden move that caused a big disruption in my life. Because of that, for the first time since I’ve started doing these annual collections, I didn’t reach my goal. I’m very disappointed about this, but sometimes life takes a mysterious turn.

So, I’ve cut my losses and ended last year’s collection at 25 oil paintings instead of my usual 50. That allows me to move on to the new collection as planned, instead of trying to do two at once, or be a slave to last year’s work until I finally slog through it. That’s demoralizing and I found myself dreading picking up my paints. Rather than remain in defeat, I’ve made peace with failing to reach my 50 last year. Time to let go, and move on to a shiny new year!

My husband & I, during a Christmas photo shoot last month

Without further ado, I’ll now reveal the 2023 collection of oil paintings in the “Inspired” series (previous collections: Savannah, Georgia 2019 , Christian Faith 2020, Nature 2021, and Seasons 2022). This year’s collection will be inspired by JOYFUL LIVING! I’m very excited about this and I’m looking forward to starting the first painting in the series. I hope you will come along with me as I paint toward my lifetime goal of ONE THOUSAND finished works!

Teaser: one of the categories is MUSIC. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any new paintings.

Let’s live joyfully in 2023! God bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you this day and always. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New Painting – “Chickadees in Holly”

Latest oil painting (birds in our holly tree), from the 2022 Christmas painting and variety show. If you missed it: Watch free now. Here we are, another year gone. Wishing you a joyful 2023, with hope and faith that blessings will come to you and your family. Happy New Year!

Here’s to another year of painting toward my 1k finished paintings lifetime goal. Are you with me?

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