The Art of Teaching

Welcome to your Teaching class! Whether you’re new to teaching, or have been teaching for years, this 12 week course (on your own schedule: one lesson per week is recommended) will motivate you to try creative, effective, and personalized methods, while igniting gratitude for the art of teaching as a calling and a treasured vocation. The trust of a student is a gift and an honor. Helping someone become “more”, is one of the most satisfying experiences we can have. This class is designed to help you and your student(s) set and reach higher goals, while working through and overcoming common frustrations. Success with short term goals leads to success in long term goals. This class will teach specific skills, provide detailed recommendations, and will assign projects to help you with your journey. The best outcome for teachers and students is not merely a mastery of educational milestones, but a lifelong love of learning.  Links to class information, syllabus, lesson plans, and videos are on this page.

COST: Free! (Tips Encouraged) 

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Learn at your own pace. Relax and have fun. Be joyful, be free!

Be inspired to teach!