Watch me paint this historical art in 2 minutes (time lapse)

The inspiration for my painting isn’t political (not about this appointee in particular). It was a tribute to the courage of the family- his wife and two daughters. I felt such sympathy for them when I saw their raw emotions play out for the whole world to see. It was a dark chapter in American history, that I’d like to briefly talk about in today’s blog post because what happened then is why “rule of law” is no longer a guaranteed protection in this country (USA).

While obviously freedoms aren’t removed overnight, and our “justice” system was never perfect, the Kavanaugh mob trial was a public reveal of the transition from Rule of Law to Communist Mob Rule. It was a free-for-all of corruption. There were frothing “activists” (loony protesters spewing malice and idiotic nonsense attention-grabbing displays), witnesses who witnessed nothing (like a court in Alice in Wonderland, pure gibberish and irrelevancy), lies, libel, obvious organized fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud, degradation and humiliation techniques, and a mockery of our institutions, thereby a mockery of We the People who were foolish enough to think that our government respects us. The whole farce was so shocking that in the end, it didn’t seem very significant that this appointee got through, as the issue was about much more than one judge.

No one was held to account for their appalling behavior during the hearing. No one was arrested (if they were, it was not made as public as their behavior was, thereby if we do not know about it, it is irrelevant to the perception). There was surely enough cause to investigate libel, fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud. The “smear campaign” set a precedent. This was much bigger than this particular appointee or political feelings- this was about laying down the “new normal” for how government will treat US, We the People, who have no high political power to protect us. 

Our justice system is composed of human beings, and as such, it was always flawed. But in our imperfect system, we knew that it was publicly, professionally, and politically important to at least PRETEND that we operate by Rule of Law, in which all persons are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. But during the Kavanaugh mob trial, Congress overturned Rule of Law and the presumption of innocence that requires evidence to convict someone. Now, it’s becoming more and more accepted that we may at any time be condemned by our government or any other entities, and we are “guilty unless exonerated”, which is a legally impossible standard!

In a free country, our accusers must prove our guilt… we do NOT have to prove our innocence. The burden of proof is on the accuser. But during the Kavanaugh mob trial, even though “just” a hearing, our government mocked us while showing us that we are no longer free. We can be accused of something at any time, and they can bring false, lying “witnesses” against us, hearsay (stuff that one person claims another person said- in other words GOSSIP with no evidence to back it up!) and can humiliate us in personal degrading attacks. Message received: Good luck to anyone trying to prove their innocence if the mob wants you cancelled, fired, or arrested!

It seemed that few people felt the horror that I did, the horror that inspired me to paint that historic event. I can only imagine the courage and strength it took for his wife and daughters to be physically present and still show such warmth and grace after all that they’d been through on the very nasty, very unfair harsh public stage.

While many were distracted by the political aspects surrounding this particular appointee, I was laser focused on watching our justice system die while people jeered and gleefully cheered it on. Funny how even when these types get what they want, they are still not happy- still frothing with malice and unhinged insanity. But the appeasement, which did nothing to stop political terrorism, fueled the progression toward communism, the incessant march toward fascism and technocracy. Now, there are people arrested merely for being associated with the “wrong” people. History has alarming examples of where this sort of thing leads.

I could relate to the pained courage and grace of Mrs. Kavanaugh because I had been the target of a dangerous mob campaign. I learned details about the man who publicly listed me to be cancelled, threatened, and ruined, and he is a criminal who was later arrested for a sex trafficking charge. He was well connected, funded, had been on TV and had spoken in front of the UN. He had been celebrated by media and had been invited to the Obama White House. THIS is the man who had led a campaign to go after me, and 920 others, who he falsely libeled as “Nazis” for BLM and Antifa to “go after”. And they did, committing crimes against me such as hacking my website and deleting my art of Jesus, uploading a devil in its place. They knew where I lived and what my children looked like. I was terrified.

Yet, I knew that if I did not stand, if I did not smile gracefully, if I did not put my artwork back on my site… I would be committing a horrible offense of cowardice in which I may never recover. A good person must be willing to be hated. I will never comply when someone wants me to lay aside my God given purpose and destiny. This is not theirs to steal and I will not be complicit in treason; as the end game is to destroy capitalism/nationalism in favor of communism/globalism. I will not make it easy for them by quitting in fear.

I wish Mrs. Kavanaugh could know how inspired I was by her and her children. Even though I’m “nobody” compared to her famous family, my own daughters and I had gone through something that felt similar. We too were unfairly accused of something horrible, and we too felt afraid that someone would hurt us… and that my children would be harmed. I felt empathy for her, but also moved to paint this historical scene, because it represents the real core of justice:

  • NEVER take on shame that doesn’t belong to you.
  • ALWAYS stand in grace when you know you do not deserve condemnation.
  • Be secure in the knowledge that we are forgiven and free by our spiritual Father and judge of the highest power, therefore no man can condemn our spirit.
  • The burden of proof lies on the accuser to prove our guilt, not on us to prove our innocence –  even if a government’s failed justice system doesn’t protect our right to fairness, we must never comply with accepting mob rule. It is an illegitimate system of tyranny and control.

No injustice can break us. We must be confident in who we are, and what we believe in. We cannot let fear drive us to quit, or malice drive us to return hate with hate. Freedom begins when we have the courage to stand tall in grace, when we never give in, never give up, and when they expect us to cry… we smile.

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Famous People

Painted and first shared in January 2017

Sometimes I paint famous people or historical events that move me. This person released information that changed how the average person views world governments. Whether one thinks doing so is right or wrong, is a separate issue from what inspired me to paint this. Truth brings justice (albeit slowly, or perhaps not in the way that we may want, but disclosure is preferable to covering up the sins of those who hold power over the People). If people are vehemently opposed to the methods of how truth is revealed, or if truth is filtered (only the sins of some are disclosed instead of revealing all information in hand, as some have claimed), that’s certainly a debatable argument. But I was not addressing those concerns, nor was I arguing if the risks and damage from sharing classified information is/was worth the cost. No, I was not expressing any of that.

Also, no- he’s not “walking on water like Jesus”! My haters are insane. I don’t worship the man, nor am I a “groupie”, nor am I blind to the fact that there are many sides to the stories and parties involved. He’s walking IN water, holding up the scales of justice, as my painting is about the release of truth. 

The water was merely a background composition to complete the painting. I honestly didn’t put much thought into it. It just seemed to fit with what I was doing with the sky-like abstract background above his head. But, I suppose the water may represent hidden realities and how justice must be held above all of the secrets, saved from being forever buried like lost treasure in a vast ocean. What it DOESN’T represent or symbolize in any way is divinity or any connection to religion. It is meant to illustrate only the abstract concepts of truth and justice, and artistically record the historical fact that this man and his organization impacted the world by disclosing vast material about corruption in global government.

This painting is simply an expression of truth telling, in the form of a person who made his life about telling it. He is such a controversial figure, that I can’t utter his name or this post will likely be muted. I can’t put his name or the org he’s associated with in the file name of my video or the same will happen. Why is that? Why can we not even paint the man? Surely powerful people don’t like what he has shared. This goes well beyond anyone truly concerned about the sanctity of classified information, as our world governments have proven that they care very little for the welfare of human beings. So, what is this really about? 

When I painted this famous person, I didn’t know I’d become a target and a blacklisted person. I merely painted someone I thought was historically impactful, and someone I felt sympathy toward. I am a firm believer that punishments must fit the crimes, and cruel and unusual punishments are not befitting of a civilized society. Fair and equal justice means that persons who commit similar offenses should be treated in a similar fashion. The duration for legal processes should also remain constant. Fears for one’s safety should be unacceptable in all cases when an accused person is under scrutiny. And yet, this treatment stretches on year after year while others who have committed similar alleged crimes have gone free, and are also relatively safe from harm (not targeted by governments or dangerous groups).

My passion for justice is always about the individual. I feel empathy for people who are enslaved and unsafe. I do not have solid opinions about the details of anything surrounding this famous person, as all I know is whatever is posted online. I am not an insider and can validate nothing. But I am a fellow human being, and what I have seen is what looks to me like a grave injustice: a critic of world government being treated like a prisoner of war.

And, anyone who tries to talk about the documents he released is at risk of censorship or worse. If there’s nothing there, why silence people? But to this day, those topics are off limits. It seems silly that any of us can be in disagreement- why would any civilian defend world governments who interfere in the rights of the people to speak out against them? On this, I would have thought we’d be unified. For when we cannot even speak about our concerns, we surely have no power to resolve them. The right to question our rulers is sacred.

I stand behind my work.

Painting is not a criminal act.

My thoughts are not crimes.

And neither are yours. Never back down, never give in. Never give up. Stand.

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Painting Self

Self-portraits are revealing not only of the artist, but of the time period the artist lives in and a historical representation of universally shared human experiences with local, national, and global communities who occupy the same timeline. When the artist is shown as an Observer, the painting of self is merely a cameo appearance. In “Natalie at the Fountain“, the viewer sees only the back of me as I’m taking a picture of the featured subject, the fountain.

When the artist is depicted as an Observer, the painting may have a nostalgic, vintage, or surreal vibe, like seeing the presence of a time traveler. In the fountain art, I painted in the present what I had done in the recent past, that would then be viewed far into the future. All of that can bend the mind into pretzels if we think about it long enough. When the Observer is painted differently from the overall composition- different color (like my red dress), style, perspective, or in any other way that draws attention to the cameo appearance- the Observer looks even more like a time traveler who witnesses a fleeting dot on our shared timeline.

When the artist is more than an Observer, but instead a Participant, the self-portrait drives the painting. In “Come to the Garden“, I am part of the composition as I sit on the swing with my mug in hand, sunhat showing you that it’s a warm sunny day here in coastal Georgia, and the tilt of my head guides you to join me in being captivated by the birds, flowers, and trees. In this way, my presence serves as a storyteller who brings all of the eclectic elements of nature together under one cohesive work of art. 

Instead of standing separate and apart in a red dress among a subtle earthy backdrop like in the fountain painting, this time I’m wearing the subtle hues while the rest of the composition pops with vibrant color and striking contrast. While I’m a Participant, I am not the Star. The self-portrait doesn’t upstage the featured elements of the composition, but instead complements and supports the art.

When a self-portrait is the Star, it is the main feature of the painting. “Fred” was inspired by a black and white photograph that my late father took of me when he needed willing subjects for his photography class. The picture of me peeking out from behind the neighborhood fire hydrant was taken at Grissom Air Force Base housing, where Dad was stationed at that time. The entire painting is about the self-portrait, and that’s where the story is. Subject placement makes this obvious, but the lack of details in the surrounding landscape (while there are many details in the featured subject) also points the viewer toward the self-portrait as the Star.

Whether a self-portrait of an artist is depicted as an Observer, Participant or the Star, a painting that reveals a glimpse of the artist and the timeline shared by all who occupy it, is a historical marker. Sharing one’s life with others adds to the tapestry of this universe that we call home. In this way, art is like time travel. Will you journey with me?