Watch Natalie paint “Nativity” in 4 minutes (time lapse)

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Small Print “Nativity”

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Medium Print “Nativity”

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Large Print “Nativity”

All large prints are approximately 24 x 30. Giclee Somerset Velvet Fine Art paper. Free shipping. No frame.


From Natalie:

“This art changed my life. It was deleted by a leftist hate/”activist” group that I was able to trace to funding by our own (USA) government through liberal organizations/”protesters”. I could talk about that connection for a long time, but that’s not what I want to say here. I want to talk about the moment when I saw a snarky devil cartoon on my website, where my Nativity blog used to be.

I had blogged about how this art was inspired by my dead parents’ handmade ceramic set that Mom poured into molds and Dad painted. I treasure that set, which was broken during a hardship move, and glued back together… just like me. I was broken and glued back together.

Being blacklisted, incited against, and threatened by my own government’s anonymous hateful henchmen was spirit crushing, and terrifying. I stayed off social media for nearly a year, even though I need to be active online if I want to be a serious artist. I was demoralized and afraid. The threats were scary, as they knew where I lived and what my children look like; they’d hacked into my private account files on the server. I felt that any anon person could be another who hated me and wanted to ruin everything I work for.

One hater said, ‘Good thing your father didn’t live to see you grow up.’ Dad served two tours in the Vietnam War, got cancer as a young man in his 20’s. Beat it. It came back. He lost his battle at age 37. I watched him die a painful death of great suffering.

Years later, I was my Mom’s caregiver. I watched her die too young after much suffering, that ended in a very dramatic experience of hospital neglect, in which I sang her favorite hymn, over and over, to her unconscious body as they worked her tiny frail chest with paddles, breaking her ribs and trying to bring her back for so long that I thought I couldn’t bear it a minute longer.

So… When they deleted my art, it felt personal, as intended, but I knew these were communist tactics and they didn’t know me at all. I was just another insignificant target on their list of thousands. I had done nothing wrong, but they were after me anyway, and would anyone notice or care that they were doing this to individuals like me? (No)

I reported the target list, the incitement, the hacking, etc., with evidence (I saved everything they did to me and also showed what I found via a simple search of public info), to many reporters, DHS, WH, others- no one responded. I was on my own. I went through a rough time, but it was a reflective time, and I emerged from it stronger.

Nothing will make me quit now. When I returned, I set my mind on creating 100 paintings. I did it. I have well over that now. My lifetime goal is 1,000. I will do that too- watch me. They thought they could erase me, make me quit. They could not. I was broken, but glued back together- just like this Nativity set.”