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Any questions about the classes?

Classes start Labor Day, September 7, 2020.

I will be loading all class descriptions, syllabus, and schedule later today.

All classes are free, but tips are welcome.

You may enroll on a Casual (anon, on your own) basis, but I recommend that you officially enroll so that you are committed to staying on track. More about this later. Right now I'm testing out the discussion board that we'll be using to talk about the class topics (your participation in discussion is optional, but you may find it fun to share your projects and class assignments here).

If you enroll in my classes, you are invited to share your thoughts, opinions, assignments, and class projects. I will create a private topic for each class, restricted to only class members.

Posting images in this forum is through links, and if you aren't familiar with that method, you might need a bit of a tutorial. Don't worry, you don't need to have a blog or anything, there are free sites that will let you upload your photos and you'd then copy/paste the link they give you. It only takes a couple of minutes. The links can be posted directly into this message box (you don't have to use the picture icon from the menu, just paste the link in).

I've given you detailed instructions below. It's simple, and you might find this way of sharing images to be handy for other things that come up in the future, so be sure to bookmark the sites you like to use. I've sampled two different ones, and both worked fine.

First, I tried this free site:

It was very easy to use. I clicked on the upload button, uploaded my picture and then copied the direct link from the results that showed up below my uploaded photo. I didn't have to make an account and the whole process took maybe two minutes.

All I had to do is paste the link into this post and the image appeared instantly.

Next, I'll show you the other site, which is a bit more fun to use, but a little more cluttery to figure out.

This image sharing site is also free, and making an account is optional. If you plan to share a lot of class project photos, you might find it worthwhile to make an account. This site lets you edit photos too.

After you upload your photo, to get the link, you have to hover the cursor over your image on the right side to get their menu to pop up. The dots open a second menu that offers Share Links, and you'd then pick the one for forums. It gave me this link [img][/img] which didn't work. I had to delete the [img] tags and try again. Worked fine without those tags on the ends. Here it is:

So, that's that... It's common that forums won't let you upload images, as they'd have to store your photos, and that's not offered. Perhaps if I upgraded my forum it would have that feature. It's something to explore another day maybe. For now, I hope that you have the patience to share images through 3rd party photo sharing, using links. If you have a blog, website, or other photo storage option, you already have this covered and probably think this minor hassle is no big deal. But, for people who are knew to sharing photos this way, it may be a frustrating headache. Please let me know if you have trouble.