Dance (Hard Shoe) Lesson Three

All Lesson Three dance class videos are on this page (2 Total). 

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Lesson 3, Video 1: It’s country week! Instruction and choreography for your new country dance routine! You don’t need much space for this fun at-home exercise. Share with your family and friends: put these videos up on the TV for your next party- then put on your own music & see what your group can do!

Lesson 3, Video 2: SHOWTIME! Perform your new country routine!

Each lesson will teach you new combos, and different styles of dance/music- and by the end, you’ll have 12 different routines to practice and stay fit, healthy, happy, and fabulous!

Teach your family and friends, so you can have fun at your holiday parties and special gatherings!

See you back for Lesson 4 – all new combos, new choreography, and your new routine! If you want me to email you when new lessons are uploaded, please fill out this 30 second form.