Dance (Hard Shoe) Lesson One

All Lesson One dance class videos are on this page (5 Total). 

Start with the first video, and scroll down to view each video in order.

COST: Free! (Tips Encouraged) 

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Next week we’ll do it all again with Lesson Two– new steps and combos, and then put it all together with another new routine!

Lesson One: Video 1: INTRODUCTION

Lesson One: Video 2: COMBO 1 “Shuffles”

Lesson One: Video 3: COMBO 2 “Ball Change or Rock Step (Ballroom)”

Lesson One: Video 4: COMBO 3 Throwing it All Together

Lesson One: Video 5: Routine 1: SHOWTIME!

Collect 12 Routines + 2 Bonus Dances!

After you’ve learned Lesson One, Routine 1, you’re ready to move on to Lesson Two steps, combos, and Routine 2. Keep dancing and have fun!