Dance (Flexible Shoe) Lesson Two

All Lesson Two dance class videos are on this page (2 Total). 

Start with the first video, and then perform your new routine with the second video. You’ll learn 3 sections of choreography & then put it all together for a complete showtime routine. A new routine each week- collect all 12!

Did you miss Lesson 1? Return to Lesson 1‘s routine at any time for: de-stressing, toning, light workout for health, fitness, peace, and positivity.

Lesson 2’s objective is different: therapeutic, reflective, gentle stretching for both physical and emotional well being, acceptance, and healing. Any time you have a bad day, or just want a dance hug, return to the routine here on this page for emotional wellness. 

COST: Free! (Tips Encouraged) 


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Lesson Two: Video 1: LEARNING the CHOREOGRAPHY

Lesson Two: Video 2: SHOWTIME! Finished Routine 2

Congratulations on learning the choreography! Now you can replay this video whenever you need a therapeutic light stretching routine for healing and emotional wellness.  Collect all 12 routines: all are different to address your mind/body/spirit needs and moods.

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