“Crocus in Snow”

See this “Crocus in Snow” series come alive – 2 minute time lapse

This art was painted January 2021 for art collection “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Nature”. “Crocus in Snow” is a series of three oil paintings that bring to life the hope of spring coming soon. This project was an experiment to film three separate paintings to give the illusion of a painting changing and developing. To truly do this right, there would have been many more phases and steps between the three stages. However, this was a quick project and the effect showed that a stop-motion style of animation could work with classical oil painting, although it would be so time-consuming that it’s likely not worth it for most artists. But, if the project were set up at a separate station to dabble with here and there, it may be something interesting to add to the workflow. The idea DOES work, it just might not ever feel worthy of the time investment.

Trying new things, even if only a quick version of it, aids creativity. It forces the artist to do something different and breaks the monotony of the usual work pattern. So, from time to time, it’s good to depart from routine. That’s true of any type of work or schedule. Do something different, then see how fresh your perspective and energy is when you go back to your regular routine.

“Crocus in the Snow” series- three separate paintings that could be displayed together

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