Critical Thinking (Psychological Warfare)

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Natalie Buske Thomas 

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YOUR CLASS: Critical Thinking (Psychological Warfare)

Welcome to your Critical Thinking class! You will learn strategies to shift your thinking from a defensive reactive position to an offensive position of strength. This course covers logical fallacies, psychological warfare tactics, social experiments without our consent, how AI is utilized, the weaponization of language, culture, and people, and how you can exploit the weaknesses of your enemies to protect yourself and others. Assignments, readings, and discussions are optional but encouraged. Despite the serious subject matter, this class focuses on positive thinking, a humorous attitude to power through grave truths and the grim reality of dangerous technologies and genetic advancements, and focuses on winning outcomes- rejecting the psy-op of a bleak dystopian technocratic future. Instruction comes from a place of spiritual strength and encouragement, and delivers the tools to fight effectively with logic. Links to class information, syllabus, lesson plans, and videos are on this page.

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