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 Inspired by Natalie

Natalie Buske Thomas 

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YOUR CLASS: Critical Thinking (Psychological Warfare)


This class is 12 weeks long (three months), and has two options:

  1. Casual= Take the class on your own, anonymously- start at any time, work at your own pace.

Cost: Free, tips appreciated.

  1. Enrolled = Begin the class at the start of the three month session and stay on track by completing one lesson per week.

Provide a valid e-mail address to receive supplemental material and access to optional class discussions.

Official enrollment may help you get more out of the class and stay on track with your commitment to complete the course.

You will receive a printable certificate at the end of the course.

Cost: Free, tips appreciated.

  • If you wish to attend this class on a Casual basis, you don’t need to do a thing- just watch the class videos, read the lesson plans, and enjoy!
  • If you wish to attend this class on an Enrolled basis, please provide me with a valid e-mail address. You don’t need to give me your real name; I will address you by whatever name you provide. You may opt out at any time. Enroll in this class by typing the name of the course in the subject line and sending your email to me at  or fill out the 30 second form

Course Description

Welcome to your Critical Thinking class! You will learn tactics of psychological warfare, logical fallacies, how to recognize propaganda, and how to use these techniques against your enemies. This course is taught through 12 lessons, recommended to complete on a schedule of one lesson per week. Each lesson contains a video and a printable lesson plan describing the material and citing the sources used.

This course also includes supplemental material to view online or print, and optional class discussion. Recommended reading material and assignments can extend this course to years of independent study, if you should choose to explore these topics in depth beyond the course. Regardless of what you already knew, or how far you decide to research beyond this class, the course material will provide you with a lifetime of sharpened awareness.

Legal Disclaimer

By taking this class, you agree to receive the course information “as is”. You will not sell it or modify any of the materials. You cannot legally hold me responsible for any injury or harm that you suffer as a result of your participation in this class. You accept all risks when you participate in this class and/or view or use the class materials.

As with all educational programs, when using my course materials videos, you need to use common sense.  To reduce and avoid psychological and emotional stress that may result in depression, you will want to understand the limits of what you can safely study.  By studying this material, you are exposing your mental health at your own risk.  Natalie Buske Thomas will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of my critical thinking (psychological warfare) program, videos, or information shared on my website  This includes emails, videos, discussions and text.  Thank you for your understanding.

Class Schedule

You set your own schedule, but it is recommended that you complete all material in each lesson within a week’s time. If you are participating as an Enrolled student, you are expected to do your best to commit to this schedule.

Each session has a start and end date that will be posted on the webpage for your class. Example: Session 1 begins on Labor Day, September 7, 2020 and runs to December. Enrolled students should start Lesson One the week of Monday, September 7 and finish all Lesson One material (at your own pace, day, and time) by Sunday, September 13. The second week, beginning on Monday, September 14, you’d be expected to complete all Lesson Two material by Sunday, September 20, and so on, until the end of the 12-week course in December. It is recommended that you set reminders in an app or on a written calendar so that you don’t forget to work on your class.

Note: Future sessions of this course will start on a different day. If you have found this course after a session is already in progress, you may attend as a Casual student, or wait until the next session to enroll.


This course includes:

  • 12 lesson videos + 2 bonus videos = 14 videos total
  • 12 lesson plans you may view online, download, or print
  • Supplemental material such as books are recommended, but not required. Excerpts will be provided.


  • Learn or refresh your current knowledge of logical fallacies, psychological warfare, marketing, branding, targeting, manipulation and propaganda.
  • Become newly empowered to persevere- and fight back- even if you’ve been aware of psychological oppression for decades.
  • Be inspired to protect the sanctity and your God-given right to mental, emotional and spiritual independence.
  • Learn tips and strategies to stay healthy and enjoy a lifestyle that includes  strong mental focus, resilience to control, and an appreciation that you are not alone. We, the human race, desire to be free.

Learn at your own pace. Relax and have fun. Be joyful, be free!

Be inspired to think critically!


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