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Inspired by Natalie

Natalie Buske Thomas

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YOUR CLASS: Critical Thinking (Psychological Warfare)


Welcome to your Critical Thinking class! You will learn how to practice logical, positive, and defensive independent thinking. Skills such as profiling, risk assessment, and recognizing logical fallacies in arguments and propaganda, will help you train to not only recognize psychological warfare, but to defend yourself and use the techniques of your enemies against them.

Class Materials

All materials will be provided for you through free public use book excerpts, exercises, web pages, blogs, videos, and personal experience examples. However, if you wish to read more in-depth, you may choose to purchase full versions of books and other sources referred to in this class.

Many websites offer basic information that is a great launching point, but with class lectures and discussion, combined with other sources, these lessons can be life altering. When we change our minds, we change our lives. Most of us are aware of this concept already, but we do not train. Just like any discipline, trade or sport, if we don’t train, we don’t keep up the standard of fitness that allows us to succeed. In this instance, success is to live peacefully and joyfully at our full potential.

Always striving for more and never giving up are the key elements to positive thinking. A belief that no matter what is thrown at us, we will persevere, is an essential part of what makes a person successful. But no one enters a prize fight without defensive gear and the ability to fight offensively! It’s not enough to want to win, or to understand how winning happens- one must train for it.

Train your mind as you would your body. See yourself as your own agent, and no scammer, troll, conman, marketer, politician, government operative, or world power can shift your focus. Never tolerate the toxic effect of allowing these dark forces into your life. While we can’t eliminate all evils, we can certainly restrict their influence, and block some dark energy completely. The fewer snakes in our mental garden, the less chance of being bit by a venomous one.

This class will also talk about the positive thinking habits that can elevate your mind to a place of strength that can withstand oppression and tyranny- whether it comes from your personal inner circle of family, friends, work, and community, or if the pressures are from government, ideology, religion, environment, culture, and other vast areas beyond our control.

While I’ll recommend books for you to read, I am realistic in knowing that good intentions don’t often translate into actually reading the books we plan to read. So, I’ll “hand feed” you excerpts from books instead of simply giving you a list of resources. I will BE your resource. All you need to do is attend this virtual class, and you’ll receive all the information for the class.

No outside study required, but to receive benefit for a lifetime, independent study on a regular ongoing basis beyond this class is highly recommended, encouraged, and a desired outcome of this course. Most of all, the skills discussed in this class are meant for you to put into practice in your daily life, immediately. Humanity rises collectively when we are NOT a “collective”, but precious individuals who think critically and defensively.

Many brilliant people have given us the tools we need, all we need to do is apply them. From Scripture, to classic authors of old, to manuals and manifestos of world government and spy/law enforcement agencies, to articles and TV spots, to contemporary bloggers and social media influencers, we have more than we will ever need. But if we apply none of it, we gain nothing.

Learn at your own pace. Relax and have fun. Be joyful, be free!

Be inspired to think critically!


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