“Censored Artist” Collection: Justice

Political art by Natalie Buske Thomas

“Swearing in Ceremony for Justice Brett Kavanaugh”

Watch Natalie paint this art in a short time lapse video.

From Natalie: “Tribute to the courage of the Kavanaugh family, as they faced unprecedented persecution when the United States Congress replaced rule of law with a mob trial, and evidence with coordinated smears. No matter how one feels about this particular person or his politics, justice is never served when we are presumed guilty and must exonerate ourselves. Freedom is when we are presumed innocent and the burden of proof lies with the accuser, when mobs are not allowed to influence the judgement, and when hearsay and lies are not only stricken from the record, but the liars are held accountable. When this farce was allowed to play out in the highest court appointment in the land, led by an absurd ring of fools in Congress, their hate poisoned us all. How can an average person expect justice when our government has shown us that there is none? May we return to a land where rule of law matters, because if we don’t, it’s we the little people who have no protection from injustice. I care very little for politics, but I care immensely for YOU, for US. Rule of a law was destroyed that dark day. Congress replaced it with communist mob rule. No one was held accountable for lying, not yet anyway. When government is allowed to swell bigger and bigger, with more and more corruption, it leads to the day when they destroy our laws that protect us and do whatever they want to us. So, in this way, we are all forced to care about politics even if we despise everything about it. And when I saw this circus, I felt so sorry for the judge’s wife and children. They are civilians who were dragged through a scary and humiliating public persecution of their loved one. What an utter disgrace! It felt criminal and awkward to see their raw pain, with no one doing anything to stop it or set things right. Why not just throw people into a Gladiator pit? It is for the civilian family that I painted this. Real people in this nation and worldwide have empathy. We do not want fellow human beings treated like this. We want a civilized world in which there are boundaries that government and their mobs cannot cross.

NOTE FROM THE ARTIST: I offer prints of famous people, events and important issues because someone may want them, but if there is any money made from these it will be used for art supplies to continue my work. I do not wish to profit from people’s pain. -Natalie

Small Print “Swearing in Ceremony for Justice Brett Kavanaugh”

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Medium Print “Swearing in Ceremony for Justice Brett Kavanaugh”

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Large Print “Swearing in Ceremony for Justice Brett Kavanaugh”

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