“Censored Artist” Collection

Political art by Natalie Buske Thomas

“Praying for the President”

Watch Natalie paint this art in 2 minutes (time lapse)
Oil Painting “Praying for the President, Donald J Trump” by Natalie Buske Thomas

From Natalie: “It was a troubled time in our nation. I thought it was a good thing when I saw this very famous scene. I honestly believed that we may unite on common ground and healing may begin. That is why I painted this, for us. But of course that’s unfortunately very far from what happened. The hatred for this President and for everyone who didn’t fall into line with the mob escalated into persecution for misdeeds such as Thought Crimes, Crimes of Association, and criminalization of other legal freedoms that communists punish through ignorant minions, brownshirts, arrogant virtue signalers, government/edu/medical/entertainment cronies, and political terrorists who cancel people and businesses, ruin their fellow humans, and actually think that they are good people for committing such acts of hate. This sad progression is regressive and heartbreaking. I will never stop hoping and praying for healing.”

NOTE FROM THE ARTIST: I offer prints of famous people, events and important issues because someone may want them, but if there is any money made from these it will be used for art supplies to continue my work. I do not wish to profit from people’s pain, but to bring awareness to inspire empathy and healing. -Natalie

Small Print “Praying for the President”

All small prints are approximately 8 x 10, Giclee Somerset Velvet Fine Art paper. Free shipping. No frame.


Medium Print “Praying for the President”

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Large Print “Praying for the President”

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