Not Much to Say

This oil painting is called “Silenced”. I originally painted it to express what it feels like to be censored, blacklisted, etc., but as it often goes with art, the meaning of a painting can change over time. The perspective of the viewer on that particular day and the circumstances surrounding that day can influence how we perceive art. I had a bad day today that I can’t put into words and this painting expresses how I feel.

Firstly, because it isn’t the sort of thing I want to post in a public forum. Secondly, I wouldn’t really know where to begin. To understand the depth of how horrible the day was you’d need a lot of background. Perhaps I’ll write a book and this day will be in it. That’s how many words it would take. Third, I need more time to process my feelings.

But, the events of today are over. Tomorrow will feel leaps and bounds better. Bad days give us a profound gratitude of the regular, ordinary days in which life feels normal. I will have a day like that tomorrow and it won’t feel ordinary. It will feel extraordinary! For the next few days I will float on the appreciation of the end of a bad episode- and happiness that my life is back! 

I have a new painting to share, but I couldn’t get the video finished today. It will keep until tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a good day; a regular, average, extraordinary day.

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