Why Donald Trump Won the Election

This post was originally published on November 29, 2016 ~ It was DELETED BY A HACKER! Fortunately my wonderful son had recently backed up all of my files for me. I am restoring this page (and this one, also deleted) now. I HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH and THESE FILES ARE MINE. You may disagree with me, but deleting me is AGAINST THE LAW.

10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Won the Election

by Natalie Buske Thomas

I’m staunchly Independent. I’ve never belonged to a political party and I have no intention of ever joining one. Here’s my Top Ten. Yours may be different.

Savannah with USA Flag

My daughter Savannah on the land where we built our house — had to sell it a few years later, when the company my husband worked for “downsized”

Notice that the media barely made it into my top ten? The media thinks a lot of itself and tells us that the media (fake or otherwise) had a significant role in the election. The truth is, they aren’t as important as they think they are. They may have “crafted the narrative”, but they are out of touch with reality. They tell us what they want us to think, but most of us have our own problems to deal with… problems that have nothing to do with what the media is telling us.

It’s the economy, stupid. Where have we heard that before? Is it ever wise to ignore the economic truth when running for political office? Apparently political advisors live so comfortably that they think economic downturns are easy to sweep under the rug. Real people know when they can’t pay their bills, when they can’t take vacations, when they can’t go to the doctor, and when they can’t pay their kids’ college tuition.

Speaking of college, my daughter’s school had a bomb threat. Now my son is in his freshman year of college. In the first month, his school was under a “general” threat of potential terrorism. My family has been fortunate, as nothing happened, but the fear of it is always in the back of my mind. The presidential candidate that showed complete disregard (and even contempt) for the fears of the people lost. The presidential candidate that said “build a wall” won. Islamic extremists aren’t always the attackers, but it has occurred frequently enough that people are worried. The same situation is happening in other countries where a mass influx of refugees and/or immigrants has caused a spike in crime and/or terror attacks. Slowing down the influx, vetting people, etc. are possible solutions. We may not like those solutions, but should we shame Americans who want stricter border control by calling them racists or bigots? “Open borders” or “no borders” doesn’t address the concerns of the nation. In fact, it sounds like globalism.

Brexit anyone? The UK doesn’t want to lose their country and neither does the United States, as demonstrated by votes/elections. We like our culture. We are Yanks. We are known as loud-mouthed cowboys, but also innovators, dreamers, entrepreneurs, tough-minded optimists, problem solvers, courageous warriors and peace makers. We are artists, authors, inventors, discoverers… We share a culture not based on ethnicity or heritage, but on ideals. We are eclectic, we are eccentric, and we are loved and hated throughout the world in pretty much equal portions.
Throughout history people have loved their land. I’m not talking about just Americans, I mean humans in general. People seek a sense of belonging. Home, neighborhood, city, county, country, continent, world, universe…this layering from smaller to greater feels natural for many people. Globalism is a big movement. It can’t be sprung on us or slipped in under the radar. Once people got a whiff of Hillary Clinton’s leanings toward globalism, fear of a New World Order, the loss of a nation, living under a dictatorship, and other fears spread like… like globalism.
Did the American people want globalism? We tried to tell you… We want our kids to be safe, food on the table, and affordable health care… young people want money for college… the elderly worry about their social security benefits… veterans have been abandoned… How do these concerns translate to “Globalism”? How tone deaf is the establishment?

The establishment had a “public position and a private position”. They are not only tone deaf, but they can’t stop lying. Many of us have lost our health insurance, our jobs, and any trust whatsoever we may have once had for government. The anti-establishment candidate had the best chance of winning. Donald Trump won the election because he wasn’t a politician. If he becomes one of the establishment while in office, he may not be re-elected.

We need to hear more real stories. We aren’t just numbers in a report. I’ll go first:
My husband was always the main breadwinner in our family. He was in the Army, then went back to school, and eventually held the same job for almost twenty years. I had part time jobs and I worked from home. This allowed me to raise and homeschool our three children. It was the life that we worked hard for. But then… The economy tanked and my husband had one pay cut after another. Every year more people were laid off. The company was bought and sold several times. Eventually the whole department moved to Canada. “Should” corporations finance more welfare programs and bigger government? Call me cynical, but they’ll just take their ball and go play in a different court… like in Canada, Mexico, China or Ireland.
WE NEED JOBS. Anyone listening? Hillary Clinton either wasn’t listening or didn’t care. President Obama kept telling us that job numbers are good, so maybe Hillary believed him.
Let’s start telling the truth. Are jobs good for you? Here… not so much.
Donald Trump won the election because he told us that he’ll bring us jobs.

It’s time to tell the truth about this too.
Because the company my husband worked for was bought out (a couple years before he was laid off) we lost the grandfather clause that protected employer-based health insurance. So, we lost our employer based family plan. A comparable ACA-compliant plan was offered instead. The premium was almost as high as our house payment! We couldn’t afford it. We simply could not. It’s not that we didn’t “want” to pay it. We didn’t have the money, period. There was nothing more we could cut. We had only one older vehicle for a family of five. We had a modest house. We’d already downsized from the home we’d built and thought was our forever home (this was before we went even lower to become renters). We’d already had that tough discussion with our daughter – we couldn’t pay for her college.
We couldn’t keep our employer-based health insurance. We couldn’t keep our doctor. I was resentful that I was being forced onto ObamaCare. I read large sections of the ACA. What troubled me is that I’d be signing a contract that had built-in areas where the Secretary could add new sections to the contract at (her?) own “discretion”. The ACA was written as a “fluid” document and could be added to after people signed the contract. Why would I sign a blank contract? What would the government add to it?
Don’t get me started on the mandatory health initiatives. Read the actual ACA documents, publicly available.
But, did I really want my family to go uninsured? Well, well, here’s the kicker.. Despite all of my anger about being forced off my insurance and onto ObamaCare… imagine my shock when I tried to apply for it and I WAS DENIED! HA! So much for no one being denied!
You see, there was a little loophole… The income-based criteria was based on a single health insurance plan – it did not include family plans. They called it the family “glitch”. Don’t you just love how they come up with cute names for the real-life heartaches of the people they are supposed to serve? Oh, and the good news is that because of the glitch. we wouldn’t be charged a fee for not having insurance, isn’t that nice? BUT WE NOW HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE! Here’s the USA Today article that explains the “family glitch”:
I could go on and on about this. My husband ended up going to the VA, while the kids and I had no insurance at all. My husband ended up with a very bad case of shingles, nearly lost his eyesight in one eye, and has permanent nerve damage to his face. If I tell this story it will raise my blood pressure. I already have a headache from scowling and clenching my jaw. You can get a feeling for what we went though on my blog: http://nataliebuskethomas.com/shingles/

If he’d had been able to keep his employer based insurance he would have gone to his local clinic earlier on. The VA doctor said it could have made a difference. Anti-virals are meant to be taken at the first signs/symptoms of shingles, not after the case is very advanced, as it was when he went to the VA. My point is… The passing of the ACA permanently harmed my husband and my family. I know that I’m not alone. How many other victims are there? Has anyone died as a result?

Do you remember when the architect of the ACA said a “lack of transparency” and the “stupidity of the American voter” helped Congress approve ObamaCare? If not, refresh your memory. Gruber’s arrogance is difficult to watch, as he says this about 3/4 of the way through the video: http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/223578-obamacare-architect-lack-of-transparency-helped-law-pass
We were dismissed as silly and paranoid. Then we were called stupid.
Side note: My quest for affordable health care included following the advice of liberals who were fond of saying “If you don’t like it (the ACA) leave (the United States)”. I packed up my family and we left! The ACA wasn’t the only reason why we left, but it was definitely a big part of our decision. We moved to Ireland where I was able to get affordable private health insurance. I had to pay more as an American. The Irish thought it was expensive, but it was CHEAP compared to what we had to pay before, here in the States. I’m still sad to have had to give that up – because we couldn’t get a work visa and had to return to the U.S.. Our struggle to find affordable health insurance continues.

There’s enough circumstantial and irrefutable evidence for serious investigations of Hillary Clinton on multiple fronts. While people may have shouted accusations about Donald Trump, Trump wasn’t yet in government. Hillary Clinton was. She has committed many crimes – I’m not going to get into this. The truth will come out. But we all saw her commit perjury about the mail server, since she did that on camera in front of the entire nation. And nothing whatsoever happened to her. The establishment, the media, and her supporters told us that Hillary wasn’t guilty of anything because she wasn’t charged with anything. No, she wasn’t charged with anything because our government is corrupt. We KNOW she is guilty of at least perjury. We heard what she said with our own ears. If anyone else had done what she did, they’d be in serious trouble. I won’t bother to mention anything beyond perjury because proving her crimes is not the point of this blog post.
Donald Trump won the election because Hillary Clinton is above the law. If she had told the truth, I think she would have gotten a pass from many democrats. But she lied, again and again.

Obama lied to us repeatedly. So did Hillary. They lied so often that we’ve become desensitized to it.
Americans often bring up Watergate and how Nixon was impeached. We’re proud that a U.S. President wasn’t above the law. He was caught lying. He was caught doing something shifty. And… He was impeached!
Then along comes President Clinton. Because of him, we became divided as a nation, as half the nation said that it was OK if a President committed adultery with an intern (sexual harassment in the work place doesn’t apply if you’re a lowly female intern and your boss is the PRESIDENT?). Well, I won’t get into all of that. The issue isn’t sex, regardless of how distracted people get by that. The issue is that the president LIED. He lied under oath. He parsed words to slip a lie through. He was not held accountable. He was above the law. Lying became acceptable. It wasn’t a lie to protect classified material. It was a self-serving lie that protected himself and his political party. It paved the way for everyone else to lie too.
Bush could lie bigger.
Obama could lie bigger still.
People were harmed from the lies. People died from the lies. No one was held accountable for lying. There is still no justice for those who were harmed, betrayed, or killed. No one was impeached and victims are still ridiculed or denied.
Hillary lied as Secretary of State. If she became President, how many people would die because of her even bigger lies?
Donald Trump was elected because America is afraid of Hillary Clinton and her lies. They are more afraid of her than they are of Donald Trump, because Hillary is establishment… where lying and killing people has been well established.

President Obama set a precedent. For the first time ever, an American President addressed the American people directly – and insulted them. I can’t remember the first time he did it, but no one called him out. He became emboldened. He then routinely spoke directly to the American people in a patronizing and disrespectful way. He was condescending, belittling and insulting. I thought that the American people were off limits, but Obama changed all of that. And when he did, the media grabbed the green light and insulted us too.
It trickled down to the people. We have free license to insult and shame anyone of an opposing view, or really anyone we want to, for any reason, or for no reason at all. This is who we are now. The tradition continued with Hillary Clinton, her campaign, the DNC, and her supporters.
RACIST! BIGOT! HOMOPHOBE! MISOGYNIST! have become the status quo rebuttals for opposing views. Any dissenting view is silenced by shaming people we disagree with. Is this who we want to be, America? Time and time again, the establishment has shown us disrespect. We don’t know how to debate, discuss or disagree anymore. RAPIST! PEDOPHILE! and NAZI! have been added to the list of promoted come-backs when someone opposes us.
The establishment told us that there were two sides and too many of us believed them. Well, the Emperor has no clothes on. There AREN’T “two sides”. There’s no “us” against “them”, not unless you mean all of us against the establishment! I’m an Independent and I have Libertarian friends. I also know of many ex-Democrats who don’t quite know what to call themselves. It’s not about Dems vs Republicans anymore, and it never really ever was. It was an illusion. This isn’t about the Hillary Camp vs Trump Camp either. Trump was, until recently, the star of the Apprentice. He had nothing to do with government until now. Before last year, he was irrelevant to what we’re going through. He wasn’t there when America became divided. The number one reason why Donald Trump was elected is because we don’t want to hate each other anymore.
We miss America, back when it was OK to say something that people might not like to hear, when a joke was a joke, and when no one gave us a list of people it was OK to hate and a list of people it was not OK to hate. How about not hating anybody?
How about love and acceptance, freedom of speech and religion… instead of tolerance? We don’t want to “tolerate” each other. That means that we hate each other, have given up on each other, and are only civil toward each other if FORCED TO BY LAW.
No, no, no! We are better than that. We may not be perfect, and some of us are going to be degenerates no matter what. There are true racists and evil people from all ideologies. But the silent vast majority… we seek truth and love, right?
I didn’t even mention WikiLeaks, PizzaGate, Weiner’s laptop, the recount, Soros, the fixed DNC primary, and many other issues. I don’t need too. It all boils down to one thing: if we unite, we can stand together against corruption. Let’s put an end to our fear and mistrust of each other.
I’m going to speak the truth, I’m going to tell my stories, and I’m going to wish goodwill for all people. Let’s stop calling each other names. Let’s stop being heartless and indifferent. Let’s choose decency and compassion.
Let’s be friends again, America.