We are the Angels that He Sends



Read the story behind this oil painting We are the Angels that He Sends (from Natalie, below):

“My husband was due to have surgery. I was living in a new town and had no friends to call upon. I was anxious about how I was going to handle the stress of the unknown, and how I would manage a household with three kids. Out of the blue, a friend I knew from high school messaged me. She would be ‘passing through’ my area. What? That was bizarre. She was ‘passing through’ Minnesota from Indiana? I hadn’t seen her in over twenty years and we hadn’t communicated much since. But I’d always found her to be a nice person and I sure could use a friendly face, even if I might not even recognize hers after all this time. She was on her way to ‘up North’, near Canada, where her daughter and family were having a retreat. She remembered that I lived somewhere near Minneapolis and thought I might know the best routes to travel through that area, that’s how the initial contact began. At this point, the contact became much more personal, as we both sensed that we wanted to connect in a mysteriously spiritual way. When Karen arrived, her face was like that of an angel. My husband was in bed, recovering from his surgery. I was feeling alone and jittery. Finances were extremely tight, my husband’s job was going to move to Canada soon… well, there was just a lot going on. Meanwhile, coffee was on, and Karen was in my home – beautiful Karen, who seemed to be an angel on that sunny afternoon. Turns out, she had some emotional issues weighing on her heart and I was a good listener. She thanked me for being there for her at exactly the right time. What? But it was SHE who was there for ME. And that’s when I realized that we were both angels to each other, sent by God to help. I thought about this mysterious visit for weeks afterward. Karen was only in my home for about two hours, but it was the perfect time for her to encourage me. I got through the post-surgery experience and a multitude of other stressful events that followed. In the back of my mind, I knew that if I felt alone, God would remind me that I’m never alone. ‘We are the Angels that He Sends’ is meant to encourage people that WE are meant to be that angel for someone. I used tangible symbols of food and clothing (a blanket in this case), and a physical environment of stormy weather to make the point. The two angels aren’t meant to look exactly like Karen (blonde) and me, but there are general similarities because I was thinking of us when I painted this piece — and I tend to subconsciously mirror what I’m thinking. I’m a strong believer in REAL physical ways to help. In the story about my friend Karen, she physically arrived at my door. This wasn’t an Internet conversation, but a real one – with real coffee, real laughter, real tears, and real hugs. May you receive your angel, and may you BE that angel for someone else. Peace to you, God bless.”

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This oil painting is also a book and a song.

Natalie Buske Thomas at the artist's reception at the Kleinpell Gallery in November 2014Natalie Buske Thomas at the artist’s reception at the Kleinpell Gallery in November 2014.

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