Serena Wilcox Mysteries

The Serena Six: 6 Serena Wilcox Mysteries (Angels Mark, Covert Coffee, Bluebird Flown, Project Scarecrow, Ruby Red, Future Beyond)
The Serena Six: 6 Serena Wilcox Mysteries (Angels Mark, Covert Coffee, Bluebird Flown, Project Scarecrow, Ruby Red, Future Beyond)

The Serena Wilcox Mysteries is a complete series of 12 unusual and controversial books that started in 1998 and concluded in 2015. The series characters and backstory spin off into “10 Chapters”, a new series beginning with Fender, 2015.

The official first book of The Serena Wilcox Mysteries is Angels Mark, available free on many platforms, and included in the 6-book bundle The Serena Six, the 12-book bundle The Serena Dozen, and the holiday version of the 12-book bundle It’s a Mysterious Christmas, Serena Wilcox!

The Serena Six is available here: Kindle/Amazon,  KoboiBooks/iTunes, Nook/B&NSmashwords, GooglePlay

Serena Wilcox is a quirky former private detective, a happily married wife, and a mother of three. While Serena is far removed from the political scene, President Ann Kinji is drowning in a divided nation riddled with conspiracies, power-hungry government and criminal politicians. President Kinji calls upon government outsider Serena Wilcox. Can Serena save the day with her unlikely crew of vigilantes and burned agents?

The Serena Wilcox Mysteries began with three novellas published from 1998-2000 that developed a cult following (Gene Play, Virtual Memories, Camp Conviction). The Serena stories evolved into a popular series of full length books beginning with book one, Angels Mark.

Angels Mark (Book 1): What if the United States knew of a nuclear threat and let it happen? First published in 2011, Angels Mark is eerily current. Conspiracy, greed and a lust for power are at the root of this plot-twisting thriller about corrupt American government; when the future of the nation depends on former private detective and mother-of-three Serena Wilcox and her unlikely crew.

Covert Coffee (Book 2): An asset to President Ann Kinji in the past, Serena is snatched in Germany and brought back to the United States for a covert mission run by former government agents. Realizing that her participation is not entirely voluntary, she is desperate to complete the mission so that she can be reunited with her family. As the case draws her ever closer to the conspiracy to kill the president, she reaches out to the criminally insane for help, sinking deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole where the bodies are piling up and nothing is as it seems.

Bluebird Flown (Book 3): Covert Coffee’s dystopian, eerie, and intense vibe continues!
Bluebird Flown goes even deeper into the madness of futuristic America; corrupt, heavy with conspiracies– chillingly close to tomorrow’s headlines. As the United States continues to spiral out of control, can Serena stop all of the traitors before they kill the President? As the layers of betrayal are peeled, will anyone remain standing?

Project Scarecrow (book 4): Serena and her crew are hired by the Gödel Solution Institute (GSI), run by former President Ann Kinji. Time travel technology is classified as top secret Project Scarecrow, but Project Scarecrow is compromised. Governments from the present and the future clash to control the destiny of mankind. Can Serena uncover who is behind this power struggle before history is forever altered?

Ruby Red (book 5): To investigate the men of the future, Serena must journey into the past. The government entities of the future are beyond sinister and they will stop at nothing to gain power over time travel technology. They threaten GSI, Serena herself, and ultimately the future of the entire planet. Why are the men of the future obsessed with the horrors of the past? Can Serena uncover what they’re doing before it’s too late?

Future Beyond (book 6): Serena Wilcox investigates corrupt governments of the past, present and future with her heroic crew. Serena is attacked by an evil power that manipulates her memories and uses them against her. The future of the world depends on her ability to see the difference between the truth and deception. Is Serena strong enough to fight against the evil that lurks in the future beyond? And what if the monsters of the future are ourselves?

Books 7-12: The series continues after The Serena Six, with Project Willow, Downward Spiral, and Shed Secrets. The series spin-off “10 Chapters” was launched in February 2015 with book 1, Fender.

Note: The first three books in the series, early novellas Gene Play, Virtual Memories and Camp Conviction, were originally numbered 1-3. These are short, rough, stand-alone stories. Because book 4, Angels Mark, is the first of the full length novels that should be read in sequence, the numbering was changed to designate Angels Mark as book 1. The original first three books are included in The Serena Dozen.

PROJECT WILLOW, Serena Wilcox Mysteries Book #10The Serena Wilcox Mysteries in chronological order:

1. Gene Play (novella 1, 1998)

2. Virtual Memories (novella 2, 1999)

3. Camp Conviction (novella 3, 2000)

4. Angels Mark, 2011 (book 1)

5. Covert Coffee, 2012 (book 2)

6. Bluebird Flown, 2013 (book 3)

7. Project Scarecrow, 2013 (book 4)

8. Ruby Red, 2014 (book 5)

9. Future Beyond, 2014 (book 6)

10. Project Willow, 2014 (book 7)

11. Downward Spiral, 2015 (book 8)

12. Shed Secrets, 2015 (book 9)

Spin-off series “10 Chapters”:

1. Fender, 2015

2. Mol, 2016

3+ TBA

The Serena Six is available here: Kindle/Amazon,  KoboiBooks/iTunes, Nook/B&NSmashwords, GooglePlay