Ron and Joy before the War

BuskeThomas_03This wedding portrait oil painting of Natalie’s parents was featured in the “Touched by War” exhibit and was also published as part of an illustration in Grandpa Smiles

Page 33 PICTURE GROWNThis is a page from Grandpa Smiles that features Ron and Joy before the War

Call to Artists posterThis is the Touched by War exhibit

Natalie Buske Thomas with her painting Art Gallery“Dad’s letter home [while serving in the Vietnam War] was displayed next to my painting of my parents on their wedding day. The letter was about the day that Dad learned that his wife had given birth to a baby girl, me. Dad didn’t come home until I was ten months old. He was home safe, but sadly developed cancer at a young age. He lost his battle to cancer when he was thirty-seven years old.”

Letters from Vietnam War Framed