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  1. Art, Books and Family – Natalie Buske Thomas shares how she uses her oil paintings to create storybooks (“Grandpa Smiles” and “Nana Plays” picture books), and how she has expanded her collection to include books featuring art by her two daughters, Cassandra (“Dramatic Mom” comic stories) and Savannah (“Savannah’s Inky Imagination” poetry book). This talk includes the display of original artwork on canvas and a brief description of how the art is photographed and formatted for the printed page. Guests are invited to watch short video clips of the painting process. [Suitable for adults or children – the talk would be modified to adjust for type of audience]


  1. Dramatic Mom – Natalie Buske Thomas and her daughter Cassandra are the team behind “Dramatic Mom“, a comic series about the real life adventures of the Thomas family. This talk is humorous, as Natalie shares the stories that inspired the series. A brief explanation of how Cassandra’s cartoons go from sketches to the printed page is included in this presentation. Depending on the time allotment, a short cartooning lesson (just for fun) can be included. [Suitable for adults or children – the talk would be modified to adjust for type of audience]


  1. The Time Travel Detective – Natalie Buske Thomas, creator of the Serena Wilcox Mysteries, is the woman behind the time travel detective, Serena Wilcox. Natalie shares how this 12-book series began, and the journey that she and Serena Wilcox have been on since. This talk is both humorous and inspirational, as Natalie shares her real-life struggles and odd setbacks in a comedic style. Natalie discusses her unusual writing style, the success of the series, and her experiences with publishing. [Suitable for young adult or adult audiences]


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Author speaking rates: Natalie will accept the current rate that your organization pays its speakers. If your organization does not currently pay any stipend or speaking fee, please consider booking Natalie anyway. She routinely accepts a (limited) number of free events for community involvement and to bring attention to her work.