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Old Town

Pretty walk to Sunday Market in Old Town, Evansville, Indiana – a street fair with interesting and eclectic vendors – on June 12, 2016


We need a closer look at those flowers!

IMG_4303I had these (hydrangeas) when we lived in Wisconsin. They turn blue or pink depending in the Ph levels in the soil. You can add aluminum to the soil to get hydrangeas to change colors.


IMG_4306Wow, look at the stained glass windows on this church!


IMG_4308Looks like a fun place!

IMG_4308 (2)

IMG_4309Another interesting building… and more flowers



Oh come on, stop and smell the roses… we’ll get to the street fair, don’t worry!



Doesn’t a city look much friendlier with flowers growing on every street? Attracts butterflies too!


See? We made it to the street fair just fine! Brent parked farther away than he had to, oops, didn’t know – but the walk was pretty. No harm done, a bit hot is all.


IMG_4318“Mystic Hand”. It’s fun reading all of the creative vendor names.

IMG_4315This vendor, called “Bang Bang Ballistic Jewelry“, makes jewelry and custom items by stamping on brass. They also receive orders for memorial purposes (such as 21 gun salutes).

IMG_4316Miki is buying an ankle bracelet


IMG_4320I got a kick out of this vendor’s name – “Dharma Cowgirl

IMG_4321Dharma Cowgirl jewelry is created by local artist, Tiffany Piazza, inspired by favorite books, nature, and animals

IMG_4322Tiffany Piazza of Dharma Cowgirl with her husband

IMG_4324The Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden was well represented. This friendly Zoo contact gave us a compelling pitch for why we should visit the zoo. We picked up the brochure. 🙂

IMG_4325These cookies in the shape of the state of Indiana amused me.

IMG_4326This is the vendor who sells the Indiana cookies, Sweet Bettys Bakery


LOL! Pizza sold out of a double decker bus. The bus was imported from the UK for The Pizza Revolution, Wood Fired Pizza.

Well, time to head back to the car. Let’s linger a little bit to enjoy the pretty scenery.

IMG_4328Doesn’t this porch look inviting?

IMG_4329Remember to look DOWN… you may see something interesting, like this intricate manhole cover. I wonder how many hours it took an artist to create this?


Ah, back to where we started with the hydrangeas. It was a beautiful sunny day, although steamy. Thank you to Walter and Miki for inviting us to go and for buying us lunch afterward. Much appreciated.

I love indie events like this!