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Oil painting art Avenge the Children by Natalie Buske Thomas see video on youtube

This art is deliberately painted in the style of an evil painting discovered and shared on social media when the Podesta emails were exposed. Natalie copied the style of the original pink room, stick figures, and stool, but changed the story in an effort to manifest an outcome of justice and healing. “I had a very bad experience painting this. I don’t think this is the forum to discuss it, but I was shaken and ill. If God exists, so does Satan, and I felt the darkness over this. Made me sick. I couldn’t sleep until this thing was done, and I put it out of my sight. The pink paint was stuck on my things, unlike any paint has ever done. It took months to get it off. I worry about all the victims. I can’t imagine the ‘paint” will ever come off completely. I’m so sorry for everyone. My heart is sick. We MUST be better humans, and never let anything like this happen again!” ~ NBT