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Nonrefundable Faith

Faith According to You: a Christian Devotional
Faith According to You: a Christian Devotional

I wanted a guarantee. I wanted to know all of the details ahead of time. I wanted the money in the bank, all of it. I wanted a sure thing. But that didn’t happen!

Somehow I knew it would come down to this. Our choices are: take a leap of faith or let the dream die. Do we want to stay in the same place even though our hearts are telling us to move? Even though God is telling us to move? We’re running out of time. If we sit around waiting for a guarantee we’ll miss our window of opportunity. Life will move on and we’ll be left behind.

We chose to take a leap of faith! We took the money we’ve raised so far and we cashed it in for five nonrefundable tickets to Ireland. We’re going. We’re doing this!

I had just published my new book on faith the week before we bought the tickets. My own words came back at me. I asked myself, “Do I believe what I wrote or not? Don’t I walk the walk? Do I have enough faith to move our family to Ireland? Do I have nonrefundable faith?”

I do! Watch this space. You’ll see. God will move in mysterious ways. We’ll get our new life, but there will be no guarantees ahead of time. We have to take a leap of faith, and then another and another.