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My Prayer Journal

I had no idea what to write for my first blog post so I decided to flip through my prayer journal for inspiration.

January 4, 2011:

While I was looking for a pen to write in this prayer journal—just after a short prayer of “Thank you for all You’ve done and all you continue to do…I hope that our wait is not too long”—I looked out the window—RAINBOW around the sun! Again! It’s negative 6 degrees actual temperature this morning at 8:15 AM. The snow is sparkling like diamond crystals. How can I not feel hope? There are tiny flakes of snow—like glitter specks—swirling and sparkling in the air. How can I not believe that God loves beauty? He wants us to have good lives—lives of hope and beauty.

January 5, 2011:

Yesterday’s rainbow in the dead of winter—was it a sign of blessings to come? I hope the wait is not too long. Despite the many perceived needs (reasons) for wanting to relocate to somewhere new—when I set those aside–isn’t it enough that we want to move? I look forward to a joyful new adventure. Please let it be soon! It’s hard not to feel discouraged. It’s been a long wait with many losses. Yet life can always be worse, much worse, so I worry about an ungrateful spirit. I’m working on beginning prayer with “Thank you.”

January 6, 2011:

Today’s devotional reading was perfect for me to read today! It was about being positive and hopeful, expectant that God will answer big prayer requests—and don’t get discouraged when the wait feels long.

January is only a few weeks away. It will then be exactly three years from when I wrote those entries in my prayer journal. My prayers were answered, sort of. We did move, but not where we wanted or expected to go. And, it was only temporary.

We are moving again,  a year from now, probably during the week of Christmas 2015. Where we are going next is bigger, better, and more magical than I would have ever dreamed of. God did answer my prayer, but I wasn’t ready for it back in 2011. I needed to let go of big and small things. I needed to grow and change. Funny how I didn’t want the transition to take too long, when time is exactly what I needed before I could move on. I wanted to hurry. God wanted me to slow down.

God was right.

"Ice bow" or "Sun dog" rainbows will appear in the dead of winter under the right conditions.

“Ice bow” or “Sun dog” rainbows will appear in the dead of winter under the right conditions. [I took this picture in Dec 2010. It is the same view out the window I had in Jan 2011 when I wrote about a “Rainbow around the sun” in my prayer journal]