Miki’s Dragon

Miki's Dragon by Natalie Buske Thomas oil painting artJune 16, 2016: Painted this dragon as a surprise for my friend Miki. Parts of the dragon represent who she is. The tail is the caduceus, the symbol for medicine (she is a doctor). She loves the color red, she loves dragons, and she’s fierce. The hair is based on hers – she has purple streaks in her black curls. The claws and M on the stick are her initial. The stick is like a witch’s broom – Miki goes all out for Halloween every year, it’s one of her favorite things to do. The gold plated scales part reminds me of a cat’s tail – Miki loves cats. There’s also a story behind the dragon itself too. It is loosely based on a Dragon Bridge in Slovenia, an intriguing place… Miki loves a good story.