Marie’s Babies

Oil painting Marie's Babies by Natalie Buske Thomas“This oil painting tells Marie and Johnny’s story of the two journeys of their beautiful twin boys, Cathal and Lorcan. The babies were born very premature. They could fit entirely in their parents’ hands; every day was a fight to survive. Sadly, one of their precious babies slipped away after about a month of loving him here on Earth. Marie has no pictures of Cathal without tubes and machines covering up much of his tiny body. I offered to help her create an image of him as a whole baby, free from the medical chains. I didn’t know how to go about doing this exactly, but I prayed my way through the experience. The symbolism in the painting seems to evolve. You might see this painting differently, depending on what you feel when you view the art. One way to see it is that Lorcan is sheltered by God’s love here on Earth, as represented by the flower. Cathal has been carried gently away by God’s spirit, as represented by the butterfly. But I only paint the pictures, after that, my art doesn’t belong to me. This painting belongs to the O’Halloran family of Ireland. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this powerful and life-changing experience. I didn’t paint this alone, I had divine intervention the whole time. God bless the O’Halloran family, and thank you for sharing your beautiful babies with me, and with the world. Peace be with you.” – Natalie

Marie’s Babies oil painting video, September 27, 2015: