Little Free Library Book Tour!

I’ve had a ball doing this Little Free Library Tour. I love seeing what people come up with and I love all of the wonderful books I get to take in exchange for the ones that I donate! This has been an absolute blast! I highly recommend that you put your own tour together and see where the adventure takes you.

Little Free Library Tour 072I was proud of myself for coming up with this idea.  Preparing eBooks for my Little Free Library Book Tour!

Little Free Library Tour 076Each disc offers readers a collection of my books. We had a limited number of DVDs that also contain my painting videos and book trailers.

Little Free Library Tour 077Packing my eBooks for the Little Free Library Book Tour in one of my all time favorite bags

Little Free Library Tour 078Getting the paperbacks ready… these are heavier!

Little Free Library Tour 080My favorite books are the art based paperbacks in the front: Savannah’s Inky Imagination (my daughter Savannah is the artist, I’m the poet), Dramatic Mom (my daughter Cassandra is the illustrator, I’m the poet), and Grandpa Smiles (featuring my oil paintings, a story I wrote about my son and my father).

Little Free Library Tour 082I can’t forget promotional material! I included a 2-sided card with QR code to take readers to a free version of FENDER on Booktrack on one side, and my YouTube channel to watch my free painting videos on the other side. The brochure is for Square Peg Writers, a group that I belong to. I only had one copy of the Thriving book left, why not include that too?

Little Free Library Tour 084I contributed to the “Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters” book and I had several copies to donate. My story is about when I met (then) Governor Jesse Ventura and signed a copy of one of my books for him to give to his wife.  I also wanted to point out that I applied an “International Bestseller” sticker to Angels Mark. I had a couple of stickers left over and figured I might as well use them. This book had hit the paid bestselling list in multiple countries (briefly, waaa! I shall have to do it again!). The stickers are for bookstores to use, but why let the remaining two stickers go to waste?

Little Free Library Tour 086As you can see, Angels Mark has had several changes in covers over the years. The one on the right is the original cover. It’s still my favorite even though I agree with the coach from Writer’s Digest who said that the cover doesn’t match the dark tone of the story (a thriller). The little girl is my own Savannah. I took her picture out in the field behind our house. She was wearing her princess fairy costume. It really doesn’t have anything to do with the mystery story, but she’s my angel and I thought of her because of the title. Anyway, it’s still my favorite! The best cover for the book is the new one, but I’ll always choose my baby. 🙂 Well, it looks like I’m all packed up and ready to go on my Little Free Library Book Tour! First leg of today’s trip is Wisconsin.

Little Free Library Tour 088Here’s our first stop – an adorable Little Free Library at a private residence

Little Free Library Tour 092I’ll put Grandpa Smiles in this one!

And of course, when you leave a book you may TAKE a book, which I will do occasionally… I’ll take a picture of my stash when we’re done with the tour.

Little Free Library Tour 096On to the next Little Free Library

Little Free Library Tour 101Done! 🙂

Little Free Library Tour 102Ooh, look at this one! It looks like a British call box

Little Free Library Tour 103My daughters are checking it out… Sometimes I had to wait a bit while the girls were “shopping” for books. They had books of their own to put in – both are also artists. (see

Little Free Library Tour 104Savannah’s adding a few books from the Serena Wilcox Mysteries for me.

Little Free Library Tour 106Hitting the road – Don’t worry, I’m in the passenger’s seat.

Little Free Library Tour 107Driving through rural Wisconsin

Little Free Library Tour 108Rural Wisconsin, on the way to LARK Toys

Little Free Library Tour 109Another view of rural Wisconsin roadside

Little Free Library Tour 111The glare of the window interferes with this shot, but it’s still a worthy view of this pretty farm in rural Wisconsin – I imagine that it’s beautiful when the trees are full of leaves

Little Free Library Tour 113Back to civilization now…

Little Free Library Tour 115I’m noticing the crack in our windshield, hmm, still haven’t gotten that fixed

Little Free Library Tour 117I’m looking at that clock tower over there

Little Free Library Tour 116Here’s a better view of it

Little Free Library Tour 121Here’s our next stop! This Little Free Library has a flower bed built into it. I wish it was summertime so I could see the flowers.


Little Free Library Tour 125Look at the gorgeous details and artwork on this one!

Little Free Library Tour 126So pretty!

Little Free Library Tour 128Wow! Bonus! We didn’t even know about this one. We were stopping at this park for a scenic break…and what do we see when Brent pulls into the parking lot? Why, it’s a Little Free Library of course!

Little Free Library Tour 133I stocked this Little Free Library with ebooks and paperbacks.

Little Free Library Tour 135My daughter Savannah and my son Nicholas enjoying the view

Little Free Library Tour 136

Little Free Library Tour 138

Little Free Library Tour 139

Little Free Library Tour 140

Little Free Library Tour 141

Where the St. Croix River meets the Mississippi River

Little Free Library Tour 142

Little Free Library Tour 143

Little Free Library Tour 146

Little Free Library Tour 147

Little Free Library Tour 149

Little Free Library Tour 150

Little Free Library Tour 151

Little Free Library Tour 152

Little Free Library Tour 153

Little Free Library Tour 154

Little Free Library Tour 155

Little Free Library Tour 156

Little Free Library Tour 157On the road again

Little Free Library Tour 160

Little Free Library Tour 161

Little Free Library Tour 162

Little Free Library Tour 163

Little Free Library Tour 164

Little Free Library Tour 165

Little Free Library Tour 166

100_3093At our next stop! I took this photo because of the name on the storefront, “Savvy”. Some of my daughter Savannah’s friends call her Savvy.

100_3094We’ve reached our next Little Free Library

100_3097Pretty area!

100_3098I thought this fish fountain looked interesting – I’m sure it’s nice to see in the summer.

100_3106YEA, we’ve made it! I was looking forward to seeing the Little Free Library in this town… they’ve modeled it after Laura Ingalls Wilder’s log cabin home.

100_3107So, on to find the Little Free Library built in the honor of one of my favorite childhood authors, yours too?

100_3099Aww, there it is! The Little Free Library built in honor of Laura Ingalls Wilder is just outside a school.



100_3102Aww, the side of it has a chimney – very cute!


100_3104Because the Laura Ingalls Wilder cabin library is located at a school, we donated children’s books only (that’s my daughter looking at the other books). See how few books are in there? And that’s AFTER we put ours in. I noticed that the Little Free Libraries that are located on or near school grounds have few books in them, and what’s left is often adult books that shouldn’t be in there. I hope that children’s book authors and readers who have extra children’s books will consider donating to Little Free Libraries near schools.

100_3105My son Nicholas at the Little Free Library dedicated to Laura Ingalls Wilder in Pepin, Wisconsin

Now on to our day trip destination — LARK TOYS! <—click to see the fabulous and magical place in Kellogg, Minnesota

On the way to Lark Toys we went through Wisconsin. On the way back we’ll drive through the Minnesota side of the Mississippi River and find a few more Little Free Libraries. Click to return to menu at the top of this page, or scroll to keep reading.

100_3261On to our next stop… we’re losing daylight. We should pack it in soon! Return trip, Minnesota.

100_3262This one is attached to a restaurant’s decking. They finished it with real roofing materials!

100_3263Oh dear, the day is getting away from us…


100_3271But there’s time for one more, right?

100_3270See my Serena Wilcox Mysteries in this one?

100_3272It’s really time to stop… we’ll have to call this a day.

Heading to Hudson, WI. 100_3279I love this Little Free Library! This is out in the country as we’re heading out to Hudson, WI


I’d love to see this when it’s all lit up… Also, it looks like there’s a full butterfly garden surrounding it. I can’t tell, as this is November and everything is dead. 🙁

Natalie Buske Thomas Little Free Library Book Tour 2015As you can see, it’s chilly today! But this trip into the country was well worth it.

Author Natalie Buske Thomas Little Free Library Book Tour 2015Natalie Buske Thomas on Little Free Library Tour 2015

100_3287FOUND IT! This is the very first (ever) Little Free Library. It’s in Hudson, Wisconsin, close to where we lived before we sold our last house.

Natalie Buske Thomas at first ever Little Free Library location Hudson WINatalie Buske Thomas at the first ever Little Free Library in Hudson, Wisconsin

100_3290There’s something special about the Little Free Library that stands only a couple feet away from the “first ever” one… Can you guess what it is??? Scroll down to see!

100_3291They’ve put a music box in there~! This Little Free Library plays music when you open the door!

100_3293This is the musical Little Free Library, right next to the “first ever” one. Do you see that pretty book called, “A Book of Prayer”? So, do you think I could pass that by? (Nope)

100_3295Here’s the next one on our list. This is an area of Hudson, WI that has historical houses used as B&B’s or museums.

100_3296A wider angle of a Little Free Library in Hudson, WI

100_3297The Octagon House is directly across the street, so I snapped a picture of it. I’ve been there before, on a tour. I haven’t been there during Christmas though. This is part of the holiday homes tour.

100_3298This is another Little Free Library that also offers a seed exchange (in addition to the book exchange).  I saw one like this in River Falls, WI at the beginning of this Little Free Library tour.


100_3300Oh goodness! This one has a vintage sewing machine stand!


100_3302Vintage sewing machine used for Little Free Library ~ how creative is that?!? I tell you, I’m having a ball visiting these and seeing what people have come up with!

100_3303This one is so cute – it’s decorated to match the owner’s house!


100_3305Another one with real roofing materials!

100_3306This Little Free Library is located on school grounds.


100_3309Once again, because this Little Free Library is located at a school I donated only children’s books. Notice how this one is also nearly empty? I want to encourage authors and readers of children’s books to donate books to the Little Free Libraries that are near schools…and while there, take out the adult books for yourself. The kids shouldn’t have most of those anyway, and don’t seem to want them because that’s what’s usually left behind. Very few kids’ books left… looks like they pick over what they want and leave the rest.

100_3311This one was located near a walking/bicycling trail. I had to walk a few yards to reach it. There were great books in there. I was happy to make an exchange!

100_3312I added a large Serena Wilcox Mysteries time travel trilogy paperback and a CD of my eBooks.

That was our last stop on the Hudson leg of the Little Free Libraries book tour. We plan to visit the campus at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls next.