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Home Sweet Home

IMG_6507We’re HOME!
I couldn’t wait to see our new house! Our friends Walter and Miki Estep were our representatives in getting us this house. Miki and I have known each other since we were ten years old and in the same dance class together. We also went to the same school, the same theater group, and speech team. She beat me in the radio broadcasting competition, but I won more trophies in dance. We were very different girls, but we came from the same place. She was at my dad’s memorial service. She knows my secrets and she’ll never tell. She’s that kind of friend – she’s family.
So when Walter and Miki spoke to the agent and basically dismissed our original home choice that was in a bad part of town, in bad shape, and just plain BAD, I believed them. They offered us this home instead, and generously insisted that they loan us the money for the much larger deposit required for this house, in this beautiful quiet neighborhood. Miki said that she wouldn’t let us buy the bad house I’d originally chosen. Nor would she let me live in a tent, which was my Plan B. Seriously, I’d looked into camping for a month or two. I realize that it wasn’t a realistic option for our family of five who doesn’t camp, but what choice did we have if no one would rent to us?
Walter and Miki’s help was an offer we couldn’t refuse, and I’m delighted that we didn’t!
IMG_6509That’s me in the plum shirt. Cassie is next. Miki is the one in the purple. Savannah is next, Brent last.
Here I am, excited about something (photo below)… I think I was saying that I couldn’t believe this is our house.
In the photos above and below, Walter is the man in the gray shirt
I see that I’ve disappeared from view. I must have already gone in the house. I was impatient to see our new home!
It will be a tough climb for us to get our lives back. We are truly starting over (more about this in my next blog). I don’t have an Internet connection at our new house yet, so it’s slow going in getting my blog updated. But if you want our address, shoot me an e-mail at I’d love to hear from you! 🙂