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My firstborn child has GRADUATED from COLLEGE!

Cassandra Thomas College Graduate UW 2015

Cassandra Thomas graduated Magna Cum Laude with a major in Math and a minor in Biology. She wore so many honors cords that I’m surprised she could still hold her head up! We are SO PROUD OF HER! Woot!

Pictures taken before, during, and after the graduation ceremony on Saturday, December 19:

Cassandra Thomas at home before the graduation ceremony

At home…it’s almost time!


008Time to go!

Brent Thomas with daughter Cassandra Thomas before graduation ceremony UW-RFMy husband Brent Thomas with Cassie

Brent Thomas with daughter Cassandra Thomas before graduation ceremony UW-RF

Aww, Daddy & Cassie – I love this picture!

Oh my, are we ready for this? Here we are… waiting for the graduates to arrive…


018Here they come! Cassie is the fourth one in this line…she doesn’t know where we are, or that we can see her

021The graduates are filing in…Cassie is now way over on the other side, in that first row

022They’ve called her name!

GraduationUWRF20156Cassie has just walked up the white ramp and is now shaking the first set of hands

GraduationUWRF20159It’s time!

Cassandra Thomas getting her diploma from UW-RF

GraduationUWRF201510After she got her diploma, she stopped at the photo area…

037Cassandra Thomas graduate UW-RFCassandra Thomas showing off her diploma from UW-RF


She sees us taking pictures – I was waving wildly! This is what she looked like when she realized it was us (picture below):

GraduationUWRF201512All done! She’s a GRADUATE!

GraduationUWRF201513After the ceremony it was a madhouse! Where was she??? It took us a while, but…

GraduationUWRF201515FOUND her!


GraduationUWRF201518In these I’m wearing Cassie’s hair, LOL! I look a bit like Cruella DeVille in this next one!

GraduationUWRF201519Brent had gone looking for her and he spotted us… I love these shots he took of us in the crowd!

This next one is when we’ve decided we’re done with this… let’s go home! She’s done! WOOT!


And of course presents are waiting! SURPRISE!

GraduationUWRF201521Reading the card that we all signed for her

GraduationUWRF201523Nicholas wrote something for her in Japanese

Awww, love from the sibs! Nicholas & Savannah crush Cassie


GraduationUWRF201526A two year planner with European pictures on it

GraduationUWRF201530And, now… what’s this?

GraduationUWRF201531The perfect gift for a Math major… infinity!

Graduation Present infinity necklace053CONGRATULATIONS, my daughter! We couldn’t be prouder!