Fender (10 Chapters series)

Fender, Book 1 in the YA series "10 Chapters"
Fender, Book 1 in the YA series “10 Chapters”

10 Chapters is a series of short fast-paced alternate reality adventures beginning with Fender. Each book contains exactly ten chapters. The series should be read in order.

Also available: Mol (book 2), and 10 Chapters (a two-book bundle containing both Fender and Mol).

Where to read Fender: Paperback, eBook, and Booktrack (free!) versions Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, B&N, iBooks and others.

Book Trailer and Book Description:

What kind of person would you be if your life had turned out differently? Imagine if the most significant events of your childhood had never happened and all of life’s crossroads had led to a different outcome. What if I told you that your alternate self is living alongside you–right now–oblivious to your existence inside a mysterious reality, hidden by time and space? And what if I told you that you could meet the “other” you?

Are you anxious about the person you’d be, if your life had turned out differently? You should be. Because, when one little thing changes, it leads to a chain reaction. Whatever has made you who you are, could just as easily make you somebody else. That could be good. But odds are not in your favor.

The characters in the 10 Chapters series are in your shoes: they have met their alternate selves. In the not-so-distant future, advances in technology made it possible to implant computers as small as a living cell into our bodies. Electronic information was stored within us for easy transactions. Scientists had engineered our systems to work together more efficiently. They had connected our bodies and minds to our social selves, to our communities, to our nations, and to Planet Earth. But something went wrong.

Fender is one of the two percent of the world’s population whose spirit has been mistakenly transferred to the body of his alternate self. He is trapped in the body of the “other” Fender, and forced to live as him until a solution is found. Scientists are calling this phenomenon “spirit transference”. They puzzle over how can we prevent spirit transference from happening and how we return the two percent back to their original bodies. But while scientists wring their hands, politicians hide this disastrous truth from the public. As the afflicted two percent are revealed, they are hunted down and whisked away to a secret government facility.

Can Fender stay one step ahead of the agents who are after him? And what about the mess that his alternate self has made of his life? Where is his family, and why is the “other” Fender’s bank account flush with untraceable cash?
As if Fender’s predicament isn’t interesting enough, someone is reaching out to him, asking him one simple question: Does Fender have what it takes to be a hero? If not Fender, what about YOU?

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