Dramatic Mom

Dramatic Mom by Natalie Buske Thomas and Cassandra ThomasDramatic Mom is a comic about Natalie’s family. It began as a single cell comic illustrated by Natalie’s daughter Cassandra. Natalie wrote the stories through funny poetry.

NEW! Today, the Dramatic Mom comic is also a traditional classic comic strip, illustrated by Natalie. The comic strip is in a different style — it looks almost vintage. Cassandra’s style is contemporary. Try both! (Free samples of Cassandra’s version are down the page)

Book 1 (illustrated by Cassandra, as single cell comics) now available in paperback & eBook! Amazon Kobo Smashwords iBooks & more!

Natalie reading an excerpt from Dramatic Mom:

Click here to sample the Dramatic Mom comic on Pinterest (FREE) *Cassandra’s version

Dramatic Mom Comic Cablecarillustrated by Cassandra Thomas, KiLA iLO artist & Natalie’s daughter