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Clowning around with my Family

Natalie Buske Thomas clowning aroundSeriously, when I say “clowning around” I mean it!

We enjoyed a costume bowling event on Sunday, October 25. I won the second game we bowled, by the way… Not that how many strikes and spares I got matters… it’s really all about fun (and it’s fun to WIN, HA HA! 🙂 )

024My husband after he lost to me… hee hee

019My youngest child sure looks creepy, yi yi! Excellent job with your makeup, Savannah! Savannah is an artist too… Savannah’s Inky Imagination features her art, which sometimes leans on the dark, mysterious, and edgy side… moohoohaha!

Natalie Buske Thomas and husband BrentHusband Brent Thomas and me ~ a marriage of comedy and tragedy 🙂

Thomas Family Artists clowning around October 2015The whole family! (from left to right) Savannah, Natalie, Nicholas, Brent, Cassie

I’m adding the rest of our clown event pictures to our family site. If you want to see more of our clown photos, visit