Tybee Island

Ooh, adventure awaits us at Tybee Island, GA! I can hardly wait! THIS is what all of the work was about – a spectacular life! It’s a beautiful sunny day – hot, but not too hot… PERFECT! There’s my girl, excited for our first day on the beach in our new home! Well, come on! […]

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Tybee Island GA

Coastal Again!

I’m Coastal Again! WOOT! I know, this blog post is coming to you out of nowhere, after a long absence. I couldn’t find the words to describe all of the miserable things that were happening to us. Besides, most of it isn’t wise to post on the Internet. Evansville, Indiana didn’t like us. After that city […]

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Happiness is a Choice

Well, our first visit to immigration didn’t go the way we’d hoped. We have another appointment in about two weeks. We might be able to extend our stay here, but we might have to go back to the States. We might lose everything we’ve put into this leap of faith move to Ireland. We just […]

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