N27 Books by Natalie Buske Thomas

The Serena Six: 6 Serena Wilcox Mysteries (Angels Mark, Covert Coffee, Bluebird Flown, Project Scarecrow, Ruby Red, Future Beyond)

The Serena Wilcox Mysteries: 12 creative and thought-provoking cross-genre futuristic female detective books for Adult and YA readers *FREE books available!

NEW RELEASE! Beautiful oil painting illustrations, cute story ~ don’t forget to watch Natalie paint the pictures! Features oil painting of the iconic fountain in Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA, and other special art, such as “Girl Reading in the Butterfly Garden” – a pretty book for all ages, available here.

FRED The Real Life Adventures of a Little Girl with a Big Imagination by Natalie Buske ThomasFRED: A “Watch me Paint” book – funny & inspirational true story; reading level Grade 4-up for independent reading, K-3rd for reading aloud

Grandpa Smiles, a picture book illustrated by Natalie's oil paintings - available FREE on many platforms!

Grandpa Smiles:  picture book featuring Natalie’s oil paintings – includes links to watch Natalie paint the illustrations  *FREE book available!

10 Chapters Series book 2 Mol by Natalie Buske ThomasThe 10 Chapters Series: dystopian, science fiction, YA *FREE book available!

Dramatic Mom by Natalie Buske Thomas and Cassandra ThomasDramatic Mom comic – True and funny family stories written in verse and illustrated by Natalie’s daughter, KiLA ILo comic artist Cassandra Thomas; all ages

Visit the Thomas Family Artists website to learn more about Natalie’s daughters, who collaborate with her on various projects – They also exhibit as a family at events.

Savannah's Inky Imagination paperback coverSavannah’s Inky Imagination: Poetry inspired by Natalie’s daughter Savannah’s art; all ages

Savannah's Inky Imagination paperback back cover copy

More Books by Natalie Buske Thomas:

Thriving in a Hateful World, book 1 in a series of inspirational books

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Ramen Noodles and Hot Dogs: How to Survive Financial Hardship - FREE on many platforms

*FREE book available!

NANA PLAYS cover copy

Faith According to You: a Christian Devotional

Faith Threefold by Natalie Buske Thomas

The Miracle Dulcimer, how to play the dulcimer instantly without learning sheet music

We are the Angels that He Sends Cover WEB

The Magic Camera

The early Serena Wilcox books (now "prequels") were published in 1998, 1999, and 2000 - these were short raw novellas

Natalie’s books are available online or by ordering through your local bookstore or library. Her books are available in a wide variety of eBook formats to suit your eReader or computer. Paperback editions are also available for certain titles. Looking for FREE books by Natalie Buske Thomas? Click here.