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Awkward Family Photos

Everyone loves awkward family photos. Here are mine – We’ll call this the “Christmas Edition” because, yeah, there will be more of these in the future.

NOTE: Click on the images to see them full screen.

#1: Photo Session with a New Baby – These aren’t really awkward, just funny. Anyone who’s ever tried to take a family picture with a baby can relate.

Can we get him to smile?
Can we get him to smile?
Try talking to him, honey…
She’s trying, and trying… (I didn’t post ALL of the attempts!)
She has given up…. Look at him now.


Sometimes smiling for the camera isn’t as good as capturing a real life moment!

788b99bIt was a lot easier when we just let him play with the present! Good luck to all of you who are trying to take family portraits with babies.


#2: Outdoor Photo Session – Probably shouldn’t do this if you live in Minnesota

This looks sweet upon first glance, but we took several shots… and upon closer inspection… I think we have frozen the kids.
This looks sweet upon first glance, but we took several shots… and upon closer inspection… I think we have frozen the kids.
It may be time to stop when the kids start turning blue and their expressions haven’t changed in a while…


#3: Santa Portraits – We waited for over two hours to see the Mall of America Santa. The experience was AMAZING! But the Santa at the grocery store is just as good, right?

The Mall of America Santa is in the first photo… the second one is the grocery store Santa. He gets high marks for product placement.

1 Mall of America Santa2 Grocery Store Santa

#4: Awkward Family Photos

Hey kids, gather around the S’more.

smoresmore1smore2I feel pained too, my son. Hey, at least he’s not heavily pregnant with a pinwheel stuck in his pocket (look again at that first picture).

What do you think we’re expecting for Christmas?img012


Take a closer look at the baby. What? She was only a few hours old here. Well, this is freaky. Hey, to you too!


And this was our Christmas card that year… oh dear. Seemed cute at the time.


#5: O Christmas Tree!

One of our favorite holiday activities is going to a Christmas tree farm. If you own one of these farms, please know that it isn’t your fault that our family took these tacky photos. Your place was very lovely. We loved it. Having said that… well…

123Hmm, not so sure about that elf.

And nothing says Christmas like plastic reindeer in the parking lot.


Others bring gold, frankincense or myrrh. We take a selfie.


So, why not do it ourselves this year? I mean, we have trees, right? We can cut down one of our own! How exciting!

The thing about tree farms is that they have a great little tag on them that says how tall they are. Or there’s a stick marking off certain areas. I mean, you’re going to know that the tree won’t fit on the roof of your car.  But when you cut down a tree in your yard, no one’s there to say, “Hey, did you mean to go with a tree that BIG?”

uh no…

no, we did not.

Yet there was no one to stop us.


19Hmm, it looks bigger inside the house than it did when it was in the yard.


    Maybe a ladder would help…

Sharp needles. Notice my daughter is wearing mittens.


a short while later

the tree fell.

Here it is, resurrected.44

Our son scraped sap from his hands while my husband came up with a plan for how to stabilize the tree.


Our youngest child had given up.


And… we just left it like that.

We named it The Monster Tree. It “ruined” the kids’ presents by coating them in heavy sap. We bought an artificial tree the next year.

#6: Family Portraits with Pets

First, let me explain that this was when we lived on a hobby farm and we were very excited about our life there.  How could we not fall in love with George and Harry? (Named after the brothers in “It’s a Wonderful Life”)


So was it really so crazy to want our Christmas card picture to include them? I’m not sure what our “real farming” neighbors thought of us taking selfies in the pasture for a good hour or so…

Thomas2008_09  Thomas2008_08 Thomas2008_07 Thomas2008_06 Thomas2008_03 Thomas2008_02 Thomas2008_01

Close enough!


#7: Family Portraits that Fail


This is sweet and rather perfect, but I like the one that “failed” better. This next shot happened when we had the setting on rapid self-timer and the camera was still taking pictures when we were busting a gut laughing over something stupid I accidentally said. This is one of my favorite pictures and it’s on our living room all. This is who we really are – this is what it’s all about. It’s not the perfect picture that matters. It’s the one that captures a moment in time when the only thing that matters is the people who love us.

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