Oil Paintings by Natalie Buske Thomas

“Sharing my art makes me happy. xoxo” – Natalie

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Kitchen Devotions   

Master Justice: Julian Assange of WikiLeaks  

Fred (collection)  

Savannah Reading in the Butterfly Garden  

We are the Angels that He Sends   

Bird Days (collection)    

Dove in a Forest

Dinner Prayers

Nativity ~ Joseph, Mary, Jesus   

Avenge the Children   

Leos in Service   

This You do for Me  

Miki’s Dragon  

Grandpa Smiles (collection) 

Blooming Through (autism awareness)   

Marie’s Babies   

Irish Angel  

WW2 Veteran in Park   

Life Sustaining  

Ron and Joy before the War  

Nana Plays (collection)     

TARDIS Love     


Let my People Go   

Ruby Red Book Cover    

Covert Coffee Book Cover    

Project Scarecrow Book Cover    


Donate to support Natalie’s art.