Art Print “Master Justice: Julian Assange of WikiLeaks”


Master Justice Julian Assange of WikiLeaks oil painting on canvas art by Natalie Buske Thomas January 2017

(1) 8 x 10 Giclee Fine Art Print (Somerset Velvet) of oil painting “Master Justice: Julian Assange of WikiLeaks” by Natalie Buske Thomas, $20 plus shipping. Click the “Add to Cart” button, then scroll down the page to see your shopping cart. Or, if you want more options in print size, choice of art, etc., read “More Options” below.

United States Customers $20 plus $5.95 Shipping [wp_cart_button name=”Master Justice Fine Art Print 8 x 10 US customer” price=”25.95″]

International Customers (outside of the United States)  $20 plus $19.95 Shipping [wp_cart_button name=”Master Justice Fine Art Print 8 x 10 International customer” price=”39.95″]

MORE OPTIONS: Please contact Natalie if you desire a different print size, quantity (free shipping on any additional prints in your order, including any from other pages on this site), or if you prefer an economy print ($10 plus shipping for a print on photographic paper instead of Somerset Velvet gallery quality paper). Also, if you want prints of my other art, please let me know which one(s) you want. I can work up an invoice to make your wish come true.

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If you can’t see the embedded video of the oil painting (below), view it directly on YouTube