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From Natalie: “I’m an entrepreneur, working all aspects of my business. I love what I do! I’m always available and approachable. Please feel free to contact me directly via NatalieBuske@aol.com.”


Natalie Buske Thomas is an author of 27 books and an artist with oil paintings in gallery showings.

Natalie currently lives as a coastal author near Savannah, Georgia. She was born in upstate New York, raised in Indiana, lived in Germany for three years and near the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Minnesota) for twenty. In December 2015 Natalie’s dream of painting and writing in Ireland came true! Read her Irish Adventures blog here. Natalie returned to the United States in May 2016. After a year back in the Midwest, her dream of living near the ocean came true again with a move to Georgia.

Natalie loves all things Irish, oil painting, sugar cookies, the color red, pizza, live music, playing the drums, and singing. She enjoys people who are still capable of having an imagination, of having a sense of wonder, of feeling hopeful and full of energy, of feeling as if anything is possible, of feeling afraid of scary things and unafraid of the rest… of having courage, of being selfless, of being spontaneous, of recognizing humor, and of living life to the absolute fullest.



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