Angels Mark

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00029]Don’t be fooled by lighthearted farce – Angels Mark is a *very current* plot-twisting book loaded with controversy and brain candy. [Book #1 of a 12 book series]


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National and world events that have come true since the 2009 conception of Angels Mark are startling. Angels Mark was first published in 2011 and has since been downloaded over 200k times and counting. Angels Mark is more radioactive each year that goes by. Does the author have a gift of prophesy? You decide. Warning: if you get goosebumps easily you won’t like the futuristic details in books #5 and beyond!

From Natalie:

The original concept for the book was based on a vivid nightmare I had. It was never my intention to be political or controversial. I absolutely wouldn’t have chosen to write a story that would attract dangerous people to follow me on social media. All I ever wanted to do is write a creative story, something different from what’s out there. The dream I had felt important, and since I’m a person of faith, I felt strongly that I should follow through with the inspiration. Never did I think that the dream would hit so close to reality in just a few short years.


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